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Color Emphasis: A Gift Guide for Color Lovers

We are kicking up the Color Emphasis series into mini gift guides since it is gift-giving season. Today we are focusing on gifts for the color-obsessed. From stocking-stuffers to home decor – these colorful items are stylish and unique. Do you know a color lover? Keep them in mind this holiday season.

color emphasis: gift guide for color lovers

one: These striped tapers are bold and colorful. Perfect for a dinner by candle light. Or as a great hostess gift.

two: Fancy hand blown tumblers? I can’t say no to confetti.

three: The a perfect present for a color obsessed friend.

four: Guys take a hint: girls love ban.do goodies. Get this for your lady and she’ll be stylin’!

five: For the makeup enthusiast.

six: Have a friend who loves Polaroids? Add some color to those photos.

seven: For your techie boyfriend or husband.

eight: Have a roommate? These magnets can double as a gift for the roomie & you get to see them everyday on your fridge.

nine: Does Mom love color? Brighten her room with this colorful & fun pillow.

ten: Science geeks are cool these days. Celebrate with colorful shots.

Happy shopping!


IN LOVE: “Hipster” Christmas!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday. Check out my facebook page to see the amazing turkey my brother [who is a chef] prepared. It was delicious. We had a quiet, stress-free, fancy adult dinner party with my two brothers. Four people = totally manageable and LOADS of leftovers!

As we ate dinner we watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – a classic in our family. We quoted all the lines, laughed so hard that some of us cried [okay just me but whatevs]. We always loved Clark Griswold’s Moose Mugs and I was thrilled to see them for sale at Urban Outfitters. It also dawned on me that they would be ideal for a Hipster Christmas. Here’s a guide so have yourself, A Merry Hipster Christmas!

in love: hipster christmas by bedsidesignone: It would not be a party without Clark’s Moose Mugs – the inspiration behind this Hipster Christmas party. Now all you need is some spiked eggnog.

two: Last year we hosted an ugly sweater party right after Thanksgiving. It was hysterical. Awful felted Christmas tree zippers, shoulder pads fit for a linebacker, and sequins, sparkles, and knitted Christmas carollers galore! This is a book all about rockin’ an ugly knit.

three: The perfect Christmas ornament throwback.

four: Home Alone – how you’ve warmed our hearts and filled our vocab with amazingly ridiculous quotes. This t-shirt is on my wish list.

five: All hipsters believe they are ballers. What better way to wrap their present with some rappin’ wrapping? Get it? Okay I’m done.

six: “FRAGILE! MUST BE IMPORTED!” The leg lamp. Iconic, ridiculous and a perfectly horrible light fixture that will be the center of the party.

Would you ever throw a Hipster Christmas Party?

Erin’s got her fave artsy items on artsocial today. Oh and if you want to pin these individual items head on over to our pinterest!


IN LOVE: Budget Wardrobe

Over the past few weeks I let you in on my not so little secret that I am NOT a high rolla. My husband and I both work part-time so you can only imagine that our budget gets pretty tight [but we totally manage]. I don’t want you to think I’m super rich, and can throw my money wherever and however I want to. I think that’s an important fact in a blogger’s life because often times I suggest things that I like. The truth is, sometimes they are out of my own personal budget. I’m trying to keep it real here at bedsidesign and so today I am letting you in on one of my own personal projects. You see, I mentioned Thursday that I am not a fashion expert. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes but often the cost of them makes building a wardrobe feel like daunting task or unattainable goal. Today I’m here to say, it can happen on a budget! [Imagine me doing a little dance and waving my hands in the air like I just don’t care!]

I wrote out a list of classic items that I need to fill up my closet and are versatile. I work from the list every time I go shopping and it helps me stay focused. Behold the 12 key items to building a Christie Jones-esque wardrobe…the best part is no item is over $50 and hopefully you like some of them too:

in love: building a classic womens wardrobe on a budget

[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve ]

The top 12 items on the list: A snazzy blazer. A killer party dress. A classic chambray shirt. Standard v-neck tee. A fancy button-down. Comfy cords. Sexy black jeans. Dark-wash skinnies. A pretty belt. Oversized boyfriend watch – this baby is only $16.99! Let’s face it, I live in Syracuse…glittens are a must [mittens + gloves]. Black loafers with a tiny heel – I love being short and I’m not really into wearing heels all the time. Numbers three – four, and six – eight are crossed off my list – hooray! Now I’m just working on building in the rest of the pieces…slowly but surely. What are your wardrobe must-haves? Do you work on a budget?

Don’t forget to check the pinterest board when you can repin your favorite items!

UPDATE: I mentioned in a comment that the black loafers would look awesome with ban.do shoe clips. Well Erin from artsocial included them in her black & white IN LOVE roundup and you have GOT to check them out.

Also, I peaked into a local thrift store today looking for a credenza. I did not find one but I did find a $7 black blazer with white trim….booyah! Crossing #1 off the list.

Color Emphasis: Chrome

We are talking about chrome today – nope, not the browser. You might be thinking, “more metallics? Christie, are you obsessed?” and the answer is yes. I sure am! I love the way that metallics pump up the drama and take on a modern look in a second.
metallic chrome color roundup

one: I love arching floor lamps and this one stole my heart. Not only is is metallic but the shape and size are exactly what I am looking for.

two: I instantly feel classy when I paint my nails. Have you seen all of those chic chromed-out nails on pinterest? Totally glam.

three: Why not make your iPhone super flashy? It could probably double as a mirror too!

four: Duck tape. Hello craftiness potential!

five: Old school style. I love this watch.

six: One of my “adult” goals is to have a closet with matching hangers. These feel uber sophisticated.

seven: Trash doesn’t have to bring you down. Cover it in a shiny container.

eight: This is GENIUS. Do you know what it is? Yeah, it’s a ring holder. Way too cool.

What do you think of chrome? Would you decorate or wear it?

Prints + Patterns + Spaces: MOVEMBER!

Happy Friday bedsidesigners! Have you heard of Movember? In short, “During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world. With their Mo’s, these men raise vital awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives.” I couldn’t think of a better thing. I must admit, I’m a pretty big fan of moustaches [remember our bathroom print?]. My dad has had a moustache since he was about 16 [although legends say he was born with one]. Ever since I was a kid in my opinion moustaches = manly. I even convinced Ian to have a moustache for our reception! We will have that moustache documented for the rest of our lives. I just love it. Moustaches aren’t just for the men! Check out this awesome ‘stache. Get it? Like stash?!

prints + patterns + spaces: movember![ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven ]

What do you think of moustaches? Are you a fan?

Color Emphasis: ORANGE with a lil black

Halloween is tomorrow and instead of filling up the Color Emphasis with a bunch of Halloween I decided to just highlight the color palette. My decor style is much more passive than decorating for a ton of holidays. I prefer to wear or decorate with colors and objects that can last longer than just a 1 day holiday. Here are some of my favorite orange items with little pops of black here and there.

color emphasis: orange with pops of black

[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine ]

From a super sassy top to a textured rug the top-tier look stylish and comfortable. And now for the eclectic accessories. Coffee is a big deal in our home and this cute [and super affordable] french press would certainly add a great burst of color in our kitchen. Who says your trash has to be boring? Why not use it as an opportunity to add some style, like this little guy. Makin’ food? Make it in this spiffy skillet. Orange, gold, and black sunglasses? Do they really need any explanation? I’ve always loved pin-tuck pillows and this burst of orange is a  perfect shade. In my opinion Pantone never goes out of style. And last but certainly not least, taking a trip? Even your passport should be dressed to impress.

Are you crushing on orange?

Color Emphasis: Nectarine

Ian and I love orange. When Pantone announced the 2012 color of the year as “Tangerine Tango” I was thrilled. Since it is already September [crazyyyy] I started to worry that the vibrant oranges were going to fade away when 2013 starts. I was thrilled to see the colors introduced in the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2013. My favorite is Nectarine – a softer orange that reminds me of a creamsicle. Since I follow Pantone on twitter I found out about a super fun contest which inspired today’s roundup. I love when things can double for fun + blogging – that’s what it should be all about! You can read the rules and think about entering! The contest ends on September 27, at 12 pm PT.

color emphasis - pantone's nectarine
[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten ]
View this pinterest board.
What color is your favorite out of the Pantone Spring 2013 colors? Let me know and maybe I’ll feature it for a future Color Emphasis.

Prints + Patterns + Spaces: SEQUINS

Do you love metallics, sparkles, and are looking to infuse your life with some glamorous style? I sure would like to. Sequins are making a comeback and that brings a smile to my face. They are looking super chic and modern and I wanted so badly to share in their luster. I love finding ways to pull fashion into your living space like this woman effortlessly does. When my eyes and brain connected the pieces that those tablecloths are all sequins I knew I couldn’t keep them to myself. What do you think – are you a sequin-type?

prints, patterns and spaces featuring sequins

[ one | two | three | four | five – no longer available | six | seven | eight ]

Prints + Patterns + Spaces: Starry, Starry Night

I sure do love a clear night sky with the constellations popping as if I can reach out and grab them. Now you can see the stars everyday with this roundup of constellation items.

This is a roundup of constellation and star prints patterns and spaces.

[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight ]

Do you want for more prints + patterns + spaces? Send your favorite print + pattern + spaces suggestions to bedsidesign [at] gmail [dot] com!

Prints + Patterns + Spaces: Modern Gingham

I know the title sounds confusing – gingham and modern? How could that be? I truly think these items look current, modern and gone are the yester-years of your grandmother’s gingham. Let’s bring this awesome pattern into 2012.

This is a roundup of modern gingham items by bedsidesign.

[ one: hhmholidays | two: anthropologie | three: urban outfitters | four: harvey nichols | five: modcloth | six: baby by stevie | seven: bhldn | eight: janie and jack ]

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