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This or That: DIY Succulent Pots

Does anyone else get into color kicks? Let me explain. You see a color and/or combination. You start to pin a bunch of things that reflect this. You start to buy things and notice, “hey, this is the same color I’ve been obsessing over!” Slowly, but surely you realize that your apartment, clothes, accessories are all orange, or blue, or black and you can react in one or two ways: 1. Change – you begin to say, “No more [insert color here].” 2. You embrace it. You realize you struck gold.

I am out of denial. I realized that a lot of my accessories are in this orangey-red color. I don’t hate it. I’m not sick of it. But, I think I want to transition to more of a classic look. The cycle is repeating and I’m gravitating towards white, black, and pops of metallics. Do I sound like a broken record? If I do I’m sorry!

So here is today’s dilemma. Do I take the first way: Change. Or do I embrace it? Today I present an example of this – my succulent pots.

This is what they currently look like:

DIY: orange + gold succulent pots

Cute right? Well, one got a makeover and now I can’t decide. If I add 1 more coat of paint there is no going back. So do I try for black + gold? Behold:

DIY Black + Gold Succulent Pots

What do you think?

this or that by bedsidesign

Help me choose! Leave a comment with your favorite color combo and the majority wins!

I would also like to state that I bought these succulents back in June. That’s right – they are still alive. I finally found an apartment plants thrive in! 


Instagram: Week 3:Valencia Filter

instagram weekly roundup

This week I decided to take all my instagram pictures using the same filter. It was interesting seeing how all the pictures look cohesive so I think I’m going to continue doing so. What’s your favorite instagram filter? If you have instagram let me know – I would love to see your inspiration, and you can follow me at: bedsidesign

There were some really great things that happened this week. First – we got our new iMac! Ah, yes as we speak I am sitting in front of it and loving it. It’s great that my husband works at a fruit stand [read between the lines *wink*]. I found those striped candles at Target for a friend’s surprise party. My grandmother’s [now vintage] bowls came in handy while cooking this week, plus the colors made everything look happy!  Oh, and it’s totally SUMMER here in Syracuse.  I also bought some adorable little pots from JoAnn’s on clearance – yes all 3 pots were under $3! I then filled them up with adorable succulents, sigh, my favorite.  I’m starting to make progress as far as decorating the apartment and we got new couches [more to come on those soon].

Have a great Sunday!

It’s okay if you don’t have a Green Thumb!

I’m a huge fan of plants but I didn’t inherit a green thumb. If I could have plants all over our apartment I really would, but the shelf life wouldn’t be too long. That’s why:

succulent roundup

[from left to right: floral verde | pigeon toe ceramics | garden designs | design*sponge / farrah sit ceramics | ship & shape | say yes to hoboken]

They are pretty much indestructible (except if you purchase them in the winter and don’t put them in sunlight…okay I learned my lesson!) so they are pretty much the perfect low maintenance plants out there. [Just like our low maintenance pet.] Once we are done moving I am planning on making a terrarium like this one! What do you think?