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Prints + Patterns + Spaces: QUILTS!

Friends, these are not your grandma’s quilts! Not that there is anything wrong with grandma-ly quilts [they have their place] but a new wave of quilted items look trendy and modern! Here are some of my favorite looks, from adorable shoes to that amazing credenza.
prints+patterns+spaces: quilted

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This picture needed its own spotlight. Look how awesome a quilt can be as wall art. I love this idea and I have a ton of white walls that could use a little pizzaz! Seriously check out the apartment tour on one of my favorite blogs SF Girl By Bay.

quilted artwork featured on sfgirlbybay[ source ]

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Prints + Patterns + Spaces: POLKA DOTS!

Sticking with my latest obsession – confetti and when I spotted that adorable Sloan Crew Neck Sweater I knew today had to be about polka dots. I love how they can look retro, feminine and sleek all at the same time.

prints + patterns + spaces: polka dots

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How cute is that room with the Castle polka-dotted sheets? I’ve been in love with Castle for a while and Erin from artsocial also seems to love them too! I also [sadly] need to state that when I found this envelope coin purse it was marked down to $4, now it is no longer available but…I had to include it. I love how timeless polka dots are – they are always stylish! What do you think about polka dots?

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Happy Friday!


DIY: Ombre Coasters!

Our apartment has white walls and rose/beige carpeting throughout so needless to say it is screaming for some color. I certainly don’t have a problem with color. The last apartment still had all the original woodwork [moldings, floors, doors etc.] so it looked really heavy and drab. I tried to spruce it up with a lot of white accents to make it appear bright and cheery [I’m still not sure if it really worked so don’t quote me on this!]. Now that we are in a white, boxy apartment all my white decorative accents are blending into the walls. JoAnn’s put their acrylic paint on sale [who can resist a sale on acrylic paint?] so I stocked up on some new colors  for DIY projects. The first projet I would like to share is extremely easy and cost-effective. You can make 5 coasters for under $10!

DIY Coaster project by bedsidesign

Home Depot sells individual tiles that are extremely cheap. We picked 5 tiles for $0.40 each. To make sure that the tiles won’t scuff or scratch your furniture purchase self-adhesive bumpers. We found a pack for about $3. We put six on for each coaster.

The four paints used in the DIY coaster project by besidesign

A DIY project for ombre coasters by bedsidesign

You can leave the tiles as is or you can decorate them. I love ombre patterns so I knew that these would look great in the accent colors I’m using in our living room/dining room. At JoAnn’s I picked up 4 colors to go with this project: one metallic gold, one white, and two colors an orange and bright red. Each paint was about $0.40 on sale. I mixed the colors up and painted each coaster, let them dry and painted a second coat.

Affordable DIY coaster project by bedsidesign

I think they look pretty great stacked and unique as individual coasters. The texture of the stone tiles mixed with the colorful hues has a really modern feel.

Stacked DIY ombre coasters by bedsidesign

What do you think? Are you working on any DIY projects?

Prints + Patterns + Spaces: Leaves

Since autumn is on my mind I wanted to share some falling leaves inspiration. Don’t be fooled get your hopes up by the “for the baby” that is not a secret code announcing anything. I am simply making a suggestion for anyone with kids. I can’t wait to have my own some day, but that day is not today. What do you think about the patterned leaves trend? As I’m writing typing this I have a few notebooks scattered around with a similar pattern.

This is a patterned roundup of leaves by bedsidesign

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I love the leaf wall – how epic is that?

The HUMP: Part 23: Create!

Do you ever go through waves of creativity? Confession: sometimes I don’t feel inspired. That is one of the reasons why I do blog to continually be in a habit of looking for inspiration and simultaneously try to inspire others. I love the idea to “create something new today” because sometimes I need an extra push to create.

Typography quote print: Create! by Fimbis


Featured on Society 6 is the Create! print by Fimbis. I love the colors. P.S. Society 6 is offering FREE SHIPPING now through Sunday (worldwide).

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Prints + Patterns + Spaces: Starry, Starry Night

I sure do love a clear night sky with the constellations popping as if I can reach out and grab them. Now you can see the stars everyday with this roundup of constellation items.

This is a roundup of constellation and star prints patterns and spaces.

[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight ]

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Prints + Patterns + Spaces: HOUNDSTOOTH

This morning it felt like fall was here. The air was cold and crisp and I wore a sweatshirt to work. Maybe that’s why today I am leaning towards houndstooth patterns. I am also in love with black and white contrasts so this is one vintage pattern that can look really modern.

This is a round up of houndstooth's items by bedsidesign.

[ one | two | three | four | five | six ]

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Prints + Patterns + Spaces: Modern Gingham

I know the title sounds confusing – gingham and modern? How could that be? I truly think these items look current, modern and gone are the yester-years of your grandmother’s gingham. Let’s bring this awesome pattern into 2012.

This is a roundup of modern gingham items by bedsidesign.

[ one: hhmholidays | two: anthropologie | three: urban outfitters | four: harvey nichols | five: modcloth | six: baby by stevie | seven: bhldn | eight: janie and jack ]

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Prints + Patterns + Spaces: Herringbone

Keeping with the understated “beach” theme this week I thought it would be fun to round-up some great herringbone prints! Herringbone is a pattern that resembles the bones of a fish and are mostly used in textiles and interiors. I love the woven look and how different colors enhance the pattern.

This is a roundup of herringbone prints by bedsidesign

[one: this old house |  two: side project | three: serena & lily |four: nilesh ladd | five: toms | six: plume textiles | seven: wit & whistle]

What do you think about herringbone?

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How to Create a Herringbone Tabletop by This Old House

DIY Hand Painted Mug & Hand Painted Coffee Table by Wit & Whistle

How To Herringbone Chair by Martha Stewart

Prints + Patterns + Spaces: Geometric Triangles

I’m obsessed with prints, patterns and spaces. I love seeing a repeating theme in decor and I think patterns are a great way to add these bursts of personality. One of my favorite patterns is geometric triangles. I love how modern they are and the way that they can transform a space.

[ from left to right: castle and things | remodelista | target | anthropologie | minoux | kelly wearsterblue is bleu | the new domesticold brand new| garza ]

What are your favorite patterns?