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Color Emphasis: ORANGE with a lil black

Halloween is tomorrow and instead of filling up the Color Emphasis with a bunch of Halloween I decided to just highlight the color palette. My decor style is much more passive than decorating for a ton of holidays. I prefer to wear or decorate with colors and objects that can last longer than just a 1 day holiday. Here are some of my favorite orange items with little pops of black here and there.

color emphasis: orange with pops of black

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From a super sassy top to a textured rug the top-tier look stylish and comfortable. And now for the eclectic accessories. Coffee is a big deal in our home and this cute [and super affordable] french press would certainly add a great burst of color in our kitchen. Who says your trash has to be boring? Why not use it as an opportunity to add some style, like this little guy. Makin’ food? Make it in this spiffy skillet. Orange, gold, and black sunglasses? Do they really need any explanation? I’ve always loved pin-tuck pillows and this burst of orange is a  perfect shade. In my opinion Pantone never goes out of style. And last but certainly not least, taking a trip? Even your passport should be dressed to impress.

Are you crushing on orange?


Color Emphasis: Nectarine

Ian and I love orange. When Pantone announced the 2012 color of the year as “Tangerine Tango” I was thrilled. Since it is already September [crazyyyy] I started to worry that the vibrant oranges were going to fade away when 2013 starts. I was thrilled to see the colors introduced in the Pantone Fashion Color Report for Spring 2013. My favorite is Nectarine – a softer orange that reminds me of a creamsicle. Since I follow Pantone on twitter I found out about a super fun contest which inspired today’s roundup. I love when things can double for fun + blogging – that’s what it should be all about! You can read the rules and think about entering! The contest ends on September 27, at 12 pm PT.

color emphasis - pantone's nectarine
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View this pinterest board.
What color is your favorite out of the Pantone Spring 2013 colors? Let me know and maybe I’ll feature it for a future Color Emphasis.

Color Emphasis: Rhapsody

The truth is I’m not a huge fan of purple. There I said it – please don’t shoot me! You see it is one of the colors that I should LOVE since it complements my olive undertone complexion, green eyes and dark hair. I’m a girl who should ALWAYS wear purple yet I do not think I own anything purple. Can you believe that? I think I was terrified of looking like Barney – green eyes, purple outfit, sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. However, when I noticed the new Pantone 2013 Spring colors I saw this gorgeous shade called Rhapsody. Behold:

This is part of the color emphasis series on bedsidesign in pantone's rhapsody

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I can totally get down with this color. Plus I also received the nothing else metals Essie nail polish as a free perk on Klout. I gave it a shot and it is a beautiful metallic purple. I was pretty shocked how much I liked it. What do you think of rhapsody? Would you decorate with it, use cosmetics in this color or wear some clothes sporting this shade?

Prints + Patterns + Spaces: PANTONE UNIVERSE

Happy Friday friends! This week has flown by! Did you get a chance to take my readership survey or check out The Happiness Project link up? For your viewing pleasure I would like to share with you some stellar Pantone Universe items in honor of Pantone releasing the new spring fashion 2013 colors! I shrieked a little when I saw this and can I just say Pantone, well done, you never let me down! If you are new to bedsidesign – welcome! If not you know I love am obsessed with Pantone. Come on, I’ve even thought about getting one of these tattoos…somewhere, someday…just maybe!

Prints + Patterns + Spaces: Pantone Universe

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Oh and do you see those rockin’ Christmas tree ornaments? Yeah – they are totally on my wish list. Now that my apartment has all white walls [I promise September will be the month I feature a house tour, well in this case apartment tour – just putting together some finishing touches before I debut it] I can totally sport a stylish and modern Christmas tree. Do you hear me? Christmas, calm down Christie it’s only September.

Color Emphasis: Deep Teal

Now that summer is coming to a close it is time to amp up the color and go with richer, more vibrant tones. I love deep teal in all areas of life. From cosmetics to home decor this color packs a punch and does not disappoint. Pair it with colors that have cool under tones or neutrals for a super chic look.

This is a color emphasis roundup of pantone's fall color deep teal

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DIY – Hanging On My Walls: Paint Chip Artwork

I love creating low-budget artwork for our apartment. I was really inspired by Apartment Therapy‘s “Use Paint Chips to Create Wall Art” a couple of months back and thought it was a great  DIY idea. Ian and I took a trip to our local Goodwill and snatched up a bunch of frames for $0.99 – you can’t go wrong with that. We also made sure to stop by Home Depot to “pick out paint….chips” and  I left with a purse full of colors.

This is a picture of paint chip art by bedsidesign.

We naturally both gravitate to oranges [thank goodness we agree since orange is such an intense color] so in the end we chose a color palette based on orange. I love the juxtaposition of our white and black frames. I didn’t want to get matchy-matchy so I intentionally chose different types of paint chips. I also experimented with taking more of an abstract approach – no straight lines – more of an organic assembly.

This is a picture of paint chip art by bedsidesign.

The total cost for this project: $3 [this is a high estimate]. The great thing is if you want to add color but you don’t want to settle with one you can really create your own palette. You could also rotate colors seasonally. The possibilities are endless. I always make sure I grab some paint chips when I go into Home Depot. Check out the latest paint chips I picked up last week here and here. Does the last one look familiar?

Happy Easter!

pantone easter eggs

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter. I came across this amazing DIY blog post by Jessica Jones on How About Orange. Since you know I am a Pantone nut [here + here] I fell in love with this idea. What a perfect way to celebrate a design inspired Easter!

Pantone + Sephora = Can this be true?!

If you follow my blog you may notice I make a lot of references to Pantone. It surrounds be at work and I want to be surrounded by it. Pantone is the color authority of the universe and it  influences design, fashion, art, and now cosmetics. Sephora and Pantone teamed up and I’m thrilled about their new line (since I’m slightly obsessed with Tangerine Tango). See the cosmetic line for yourself.

sephora pantone cosmetics

Watch the collaboration right before your very eyes!

Spotlight: Variya- Hip, edgy artisan jewelry in a vintage – modern style.

Spotlight: Variya –

Today I am introducing you to my favorite artisan jewelry maker – Variya! She is extremely talented, and is a dear friend of mine. She created and designed the jewelry for my wedding. I wanted something unique and nautical, but not cheesy. I also wanted to think outside the box of bridal jewelry and add a punch of color.

custom wedding jewelry variya

Keeping with the theme,  and knowing I could handle a little drama (come on, I’m a Long Islander) we went with a navy freshwater pearl cluster, Swarovski crystals, and a teardrop shell pendent, embellished with a long crystal and pearl dangle at the closure in the back. It was love at first sight! Here’s a shot of me seeing my necklace for the first time.

christie jones of bedsidesign

“I love creating the perfect design for a wedding and seeing how happy a bride is to have the jewelry she dreamed of for her perfect day.”

I also decided to surprise my bridesmaids with necklaces that mirrored the look of mine with a navy freshwater pearl, Swarovski crystal and silver chain.

custom bridal jewelry

So, if you ask me, Variya is the place to find hip, edgy artisan jewelry in a vintage – modern style. I also have sensitive skin and luckily Variya takes that into consideration.

“I specialize in Titanium & Niobium Earrings for metal allergies and extra sensitive ears. All of my pieces are designed and hand-crafted by me, of course! Custom work is also my specialty, please contact me for your custom design for any occasion.”

But it doesn’t stop there…Variya has an Etsy site where you can purchase her jewelry as in – it is hand-crafted but it can be everyday jewelry as well! I recently received this necklace as a present for my anniversary (thanks honey). Not only is it super unique but it’s called Tangerine Crush – totally hot for 2012 since the Pantone color of the year is Tangerine Tango (17-1463).

tangerine crush necklace

Interested in learning a little more about Variya? Check out our Q&A.

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Escape the Mundane and Travel in Style!

How do you vacation? Where do you stay when you visit a different city or country? Are you a hostel type, or a luxury hotel lover? I’ll let you in on a little secret – I love planning. Planning things gives me satisfaction. My husband and I want to take a trip to Europe. We have both visited before but never together and not the same countries. Around our 5 year anniversary we hope to make the trip over the pond and really see it all.

One place that is on the top of my (and now his) list is: Brussels, Belgium. Why, you ask? Great question, two words: PANTONE HOTEL. Yes, it’s real, feast your eyes. Their slogan,

Welcome to the center of the color universe.

Pantone Hotel Brussels

The stark contrast of white with pops of color is how I want everything in my world to be, so the fact that an entire hotel like this exists, oh man I have to see it for myself! The attention to details inspires me. Take for instance this coffee set up (as you all know I love coffee).

coffee bar in pantone hotel
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