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I’ve hinted here and there that I gravitate towards a more minimalistic design style. I love extremely simplistic artwork, especially in a black, white, and gray color palette. As my design, fashion, and interior styles start to morph [and merge] I find myself honing in on classic and clean statement pieces. Does that happen to any of you? These modern, abstract paintings and prints are my favsies.
modern minimal abstract artwork

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What’s your art style preference? Another art lover is artsocial. See what Erin’s dishing out this week. Check out the IN LOVE pins.


Color Emphasis: SAGE

As I was thinking about what color to feature this week I stumbled [again] across that kitchen that has been EVERYWHERE! My jaw literally dropped the first time I saw the house tour. It was clear what needed to happen…a minty-sage green roundup, of course!

color emphasis: sage by bedsidesign[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven ]

From recycled glass to that vintage phone [still for sale] this color is both calming and sophisticated. Check out more of the Color Emphasis series and don’t forget to pin your favorites!


Prints + Patterns + Spaces: POLKA DOTS!

Sticking with my latest obsession – confetti and when I spotted that adorable Sloan Crew Neck Sweater I knew today had to be about polka dots. I love how they can look retro, feminine and sleek all at the same time.

prints + patterns + spaces: polka dots

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How cute is that room with the Castle polka-dotted sheets? I’ve been in love with Castle for a while and Erin from artsocial also seems to love them too! I also [sadly] need to state that when I found this envelope coin purse it was marked down to $4, now it is no longer available but…I had to include it. I love how timeless polka dots are – they are always stylish! What do you think about polka dots?

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Happy Friday!


Prints + Patterns + Spaces: SEQUINS

Do you love metallics, sparkles, and are looking to infuse your life with some glamorous style? I sure would like to. Sequins are making a comeback and that brings a smile to my face. They are looking super chic and modern and I wanted so badly to share in their luster. I love finding ways to pull fashion into your living space like this woman effortlessly does. When my eyes and brain connected the pieces that those tablecloths are all sequins I knew I couldn’t keep them to myself. What do you think – are you a sequin-type?

prints, patterns and spaces featuring sequins

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Regina Spektor: All The Rowboats

From the moment I heard Regina Spektor‘s Soviet Kitsch album I knew that she would be a musician that I would love forever. Okay, I know forever is a long time but seriously, I cannot get tired of this woman’s vocals. Her latest album What We Saw From the Cheap Seats does not disappoint. I absolutely loved the music video [and she sure does have some interesting and creative ones!] for All the Rowboats.

Plus I have total hair envy – doesn’t her hair look amazing in that video? Are you a fan of Regina Spektor?

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The HUMP: Part 25: Slow Down

Yesterday I made the decision to do something unexpected…what was it? I took a nap. I know that sounds silly but I never nap. I actually asked two of my friends at work how they nap to figure out how I should plan it. You see, I am the type of person that hates missing out on things. As a kid I hated napping because I felt like while I was sleeping something amazing would happen and I wouldn’t be able to experience it. This thought has continued in my adult life and so napping was never an option. I didn’t get a lot of sleep the other night and I woke up yesterday feeling miserable. I suffer from migraines and am prone to them if I am not well rested [I think my body is just telling me I am getting old]. All day yesterday I knew that I needed to slow down and recharge but everything in me was against it. What about my to-do list? What about blogging? What about all the laundry that needs to be folded and dishes that need to be washed? What about dinner? All these thoughts were racing in my head at work but I knew if I didn’t just stop I would regret it. I came home and had about a 2 hour window before I needed to pick up my husband from work. I set an alarm and forced myself to lay down. Guess what happened? I rested. I napped. And it was awesome.

Go Relax Stop Poster Print on Society 6

I love this print by Misery on society 6. Sometimes it is okay to slow down.


DIY: Ombre Coasters!

Our apartment has white walls and rose/beige carpeting throughout so needless to say it is screaming for some color. I certainly don’t have a problem with color. The last apartment still had all the original woodwork [moldings, floors, doors etc.] so it looked really heavy and drab. I tried to spruce it up with a lot of white accents to make it appear bright and cheery [I’m still not sure if it really worked so don’t quote me on this!]. Now that we are in a white, boxy apartment all my white decorative accents are blending into the walls. JoAnn’s put their acrylic paint on sale [who can resist a sale on acrylic paint?] so I stocked up on some new colors  for DIY projects. The first projet I would like to share is extremely easy and cost-effective. You can make 5 coasters for under $10!

DIY Coaster project by bedsidesign

Home Depot sells individual tiles that are extremely cheap. We picked 5 tiles for $0.40 each. To make sure that the tiles won’t scuff or scratch your furniture purchase self-adhesive bumpers. We found a pack for about $3. We put six on for each coaster.

The four paints used in the DIY coaster project by besidesign

A DIY project for ombre coasters by bedsidesign

You can leave the tiles as is or you can decorate them. I love ombre patterns so I knew that these would look great in the accent colors I’m using in our living room/dining room. At JoAnn’s I picked up 4 colors to go with this project: one metallic gold, one white, and two colors an orange and bright red. Each paint was about $0.40 on sale. I mixed the colors up and painted each coaster, let them dry and painted a second coat.

Affordable DIY coaster project by bedsidesign

I think they look pretty great stacked and unique as individual coasters. The texture of the stone tiles mixed with the colorful hues has a really modern feel.

Stacked DIY ombre coasters by bedsidesign

What do you think? Are you working on any DIY projects?

Back to School with Hand Screen Printed Notebooks by Indur!

The back to school rush is upon us. If you are looking for some fancy notebooks I suggest taking a look at these hand screen printed 5″ x 8″ notebooks. They come in both blank paper and graph paper [my favorite]. Does Indur sound familiar? It should!

modern back to school hand screen printed notebooks by indur

Aren’t they wonderful? Check out more of the Indur line.



The HUMP: Part 23: Create!

Do you ever go through waves of creativity? Confession: sometimes I don’t feel inspired. That is one of the reasons why I do blog to continually be in a habit of looking for inspiration and simultaneously try to inspire others. I love the idea to “create something new today” because sometimes I need an extra push to create.

Typography quote print: Create! by Fimbis


Featured on Society 6 is the Create! print by Fimbis. I love the colors. P.S. Society 6 is offering FREE SHIPPING now through Sunday (worldwide).

Have you created anything recently? If you are feeling crafty you should totally check out Monday’s DIY post by Beautifully Contained.

The HUMP: Part 22: No Fear

I came across something amazing the other day. A couple of Facebook designers ask an inspiring question through a poster-like website, “What would you do if you weren’t afraid?” You can see the answers here. Seriously, think about it – what would you do?

what would you do if you weren't afraid

Some of my favorite answers were: “I would appreciate myself.” “Follow my heart.” “Be limitless.