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I’ve hinted here and there that I gravitate towards a more minimalistic design style. I love extremely simplistic artwork, especially in a black, white, and gray color palette. As my design, fashion, and interior styles start to morph [and merge] I find myself honing in on classic and clean statement pieces. Does that happen to any of you? These modern, abstract paintings and prints are my favsies.
modern minimal abstract artwork

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What’s your art style preference? Another art lover is artsocial. See what Erin’s dishing out this week. Check out the IN LOVE pins.


Architecture Lust: Frederic Berthier

Some of my friends think I’m crazy for the type of architecture and interiors that I love.  I am completely lusting after this apartment by Frederic Berthier Architecture. From the gorgeous herringbone floors to the natural wood beams and cool black and white contrasted items – can I have it all please? Oh and guess where it is Paris baby, yes Paris! I desperately wish I could live in this chic apartment.

Frederic Berthier ArchitectureFrederic Berthier Architecture photoshootFrederic Berthier ArchitectureFreferic Berthier Architecture

How it is that even a cup of pencils can look breath-taking? Oh, and can we just talk about that fireplace? That’s the sexiest fireplace I have even seen! Bravo Frederic, bravo!

The HUMP: Part 17 – Simplicity

Too often are lives are cluttered with things pulling us away from the simple things in life. We overcomplicate. We stress. We ignore the simple solutions since they sound too easy. Sometimes they really are that easy! I’m still learning how to take a step back and find the balance. Recently I made the switch to part-time work [we’re talking day job here]. My husband’s schedule was between part-time and full-time hours weekly and I was putting in 40+ hours each week. I loved my job. I liked to work, but it wasn’t working for my health. We decided to see if I could work part-time. After a couple of weeks of figuring out the logistics [and stressing] my job told me I would be able to start part-time. Just like that. We aren’t rich, but to us it wasn’t worth the extra stress and health issues for me to stay an extra 10 hours at work. I know everyone can’t manipulate their schedules like that but there are other things that can be shuffled around. Now I get to work at a job that I love and still have a life. My health is starting to bounce back and I’m happier.

We also “downsized” – I put this in quotes because we aren’t homeowners. We rented half of a 4,000 square foot house…all that space. Rooms weren’t even utilized. The place was gorgeous but we were just filling it with things because it was so huge. We made the decision to find a smaller apartment. We wanted something manageable and for two people we didn’t need a mansion. By downsizing we sold a lot, donated more, and curated our things. Now we have the things that we absolutely love. We have enough space, and we can keep our space clean. Do you know what? We’re happier with less!

simplicity print by Raphael Mahon.

I love this print by Raphael Mahon. The quote is brilliant and I love that it has the word “make” in it. Make implies action. Simplicity won’t ever just happen in this day and age. We have to strive for it, and sometimes that takes a little work or sacrifice. I would rather spend my energy simplifying my life instead of stressing and getting overwhelmed.

How are you trying to simplify your life?

5 tips to help you downsize your stuff!

Since we are moving soon (oh my it’s getting so close) we decided against throwing a garage sale and putting up some items on craigslist instead. We sold a wicker dresser set that my dad got for free and then gave to us for free as well as a set of really beat up beige leather couches. It’s super exciting to take free items and turn them into cash! Now the quest is on for the perfect couch or sectional. Currently we blew up an air mattress and covered it with pillows and blankets as our interim couch, totally DIY, I kid I kid.

Have you ever downsized? It can be scary at first but here are some things that I learned (still learning):

1. If you don’t love it why keep it? It may sound simple but I hated our couches. They served a purpose for a time but at some point they had to go. You may have second thoughts (like I did as the 3 men from craigslist carried them out our front door) but once you make up your mind stick with it!

2. If you haven’t used it in 6 months consider selling/donating/throwing out. If you haven’t used it in a year get rid of it.  Ian and I decided if we haven’t missed it odds are we won’t need it. This made the decision a lot easier.

3. If you have multiple items (ex: end tables – do you really need 6?) consider keeping one or two and ditching the rest. We found we had a lot of duplicates or multiples like spatulas, do we really need 7 of the same size? We really had 7 haha.

4. If it’s beyond repair lose it. I’m all for a great DIY but if something cannot be repurposed then it doesn’t need to take up your precious space.

5.  If you don’t have space for it don’t buy it right away, put it on a 30 day list. This is more of a preventative step but you add to clutter and possessions by adding to them. If you really want something consider holding off on the immediate buy and put it on a list. Check out The Minimalist’s Guide to Fighting (and Beating) Clutter Entropy.

What tips and tricks do you have for downsizing?