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DIY: Ombre Coasters!

Our apartment has white walls and rose/beige carpeting throughout so needless to say it is screaming for some color. I certainly don’t have a problem with color. The last apartment still had all the original woodwork [moldings, floors, doors etc.] so it looked really heavy and drab. I tried to spruce it up with a lot of white accents to make it appear bright and cheery [I’m still not sure if it really worked so don’t quote me on this!]. Now that we are in a white, boxy apartment all my white decorative accents are blending into the walls. JoAnn’s put their acrylic paint on sale [who can resist a sale on acrylic paint?] so I stocked up on some new colors  for DIY projects. The first projet I would like to share is extremely easy and cost-effective. You can make 5 coasters for under $10!

DIY Coaster project by bedsidesign

Home Depot sells individual tiles that are extremely cheap. We picked 5 tiles for $0.40 each. To make sure that the tiles won’t scuff or scratch your furniture purchase self-adhesive bumpers. We found a pack for about $3. We put six on for each coaster.

The four paints used in the DIY coaster project by besidesign

A DIY project for ombre coasters by bedsidesign

You can leave the tiles as is or you can decorate them. I love ombre patterns so I knew that these would look great in the accent colors I’m using in our living room/dining room. At JoAnn’s I picked up 4 colors to go with this project: one metallic gold, one white, and two colors an orange and bright red. Each paint was about $0.40 on sale. I mixed the colors up and painted each coaster, let them dry and painted a second coat.

Affordable DIY coaster project by bedsidesign

I think they look pretty great stacked and unique as individual coasters. The texture of the stone tiles mixed with the colorful hues has a really modern feel.

Stacked DIY ombre coasters by bedsidesign

What do you think? Are you working on any DIY projects?


Color Emphasis: Glitzy Gold

The year of metallics is upon us! Metallics are showing up everywhere and I am loving it. Is there a better color to celebrate a birthday than with gold? Here are all things lovely in glitzy gold.

glitzy gold roundup

[ from left to right: urban outfitters | west elm | brown paper designs | ban.do | koffieofthee | zara | essie | dezeen | oooms | canoe ]

Yes, that’s right do you see that gorgeous gold building? It is a library – how cool is that?

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Color Emphasis: Stars + Stripes

I know, I know – stars and stripes aren’t colors – but I still think it’s fitting for the color emphasis series. See, I wanted to get in the mood for the fourth of July but I wanted to do so without red, white, and blue. Today I’m sharing with you a glamorous and glitzy way to celebrate the holiday [oh my that rhymed!].

stars and stipes

[ from left to right: giant dwarf  | rockett st. george | heidi merrick | lepun | keep calm gallery | urban outfitters | kate spade | another case ]

What are your plans for the 4th?