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November Sponsors!

This is about as scary as it gets around here. Happy Halloween Since it is the last day of the month I am thrilled to announce the new sponsors for the month of November! I even answered the questions as a way for you to get to know Christie Jones just a lil bit more.

What’s your favorite thing to about your city?
I love living in a post-industrial city. Syracuse has character. Whether it is the booming Armory Square [downtown area], or the Inner Harbor <—yes, Syracuse isn’t completely landlocked, I see beauty written all over this city. I’m extremely passionate about painting the gorgeous picture of Syracuse and that’s why I love featuring the people and places that make this the city that I fell in love with.
Why do you blog?
I feel compelled to communicate and create. I’ve literally never been so happy and I love sharing with all of you. Bedsidesign brings me so much joy, and you bedsidesigners have a lot to do with that! YAY for awesome readers.
What is your all time favorite blog post?
Why would I make people answer such a hard question!? Well one that I had a blast with was making my first vlog, but I have to say I enjoy each and every post.

Okay, enough about me. Kids, get ready to have your world rocked by these awesome ladies. First up is one of my dearest friends, Tonya from Variya. You may recall that she custom designed my wedding jewelry. And since the holidays are coming I couldn’t think of a better shop for this month! What’s her thing? “Artisan jewelry in a vintage modern style.” What’s your favorite thing to do in your city or about your city?
SYRACUSE! How can I pick just one?! I love spending time at Onondaga Park, running, walking, or just sitting and taking it in.
Why do you own a shop?
I love designing jewelry; I’ve always been fascinated with art and stones of all kinds, so it’s the perfect way to combine the two.
What is your favorite item from your shop?
The Life Story Bracelet is one of my fave pieces of all time. I love this piece because of the inspiration behind it which were my mothers and grandmothers. I cherish tradition and this is a reflection of that value, and it makes a really special gift!

Tonya – Variya:  blogfacebook | twitter | pinterest | stumbleupon | etsy

Next up is a blogger/designer who attended college in Syracuse! Jen Serafini writes a killer blog that I just love!  In her words: “Essentially, it’s my life, designed.”

What’s your favorite thing to do in your city or about your city?
Chicago! Chicago is such a great city filled with endless things to discover! I have to say though, my favorite thing to do is try new restaurants and different places to eat. There is such a strong food culture here and so many great new restaurants to experience. 
Why do you blog?
I am constantly inspired by my surroundings and love seeing what new adventures design can bring. Even when I’m not working, design seems to be a part of every aspect of my life; whether it’s crafting the perfect meal, decorating my apartment or looking out for great typography around the city. I want this blog to be a collection of things that influence me; design, fashion, food, city life & whatever else comes across my path!
What is your all time favorite blog post?
I have only been blogging a short time, but my favorite series so far has been my Inspired By series. It gives me the chance to learn about my favorite creative people and how they continue to stay inspired and challenge themselves with their work. 
Jen Serafini: blog | twitter | pinterest | portfolio
From day one this chick = awesome since my parents almost named me Christianna! She has an awesome music blog that is “Musical, Quirky, Inspirational, Unique, Snarky” <—how could I not love it?
What’s your favorite thing to do in your city or about your city?
I love going to The Palm Theater in San Luis Obispo (it’s not my hometown, but it’s close enough).  It’s a tiny, solar run theater that only plays Indie films!
Why do you blog?
The blog started out as a place to just write my thoughts, but now it’s a platform to support independent musicians and the music that they make and all other things music related!  I’m a music junkie at heart and it’s a great way to spread the word!
What is your all time favorite blog post?
Gah, only one?  You’re killing me here.  I decided to go with my post about Liverpool, England!  I went to Europe for 7 weeks this summer and Liverpool is one of my very favorite places ever!  The Beatles, the grunge, the music in the air!
Christianna – The Girl with the Blue Bow: blog | facebook | twitter | pinterest | goodreads
Yelle from Yelle Events made it to the November waiting list when she responded to last month’s blog call. I knew her interesting event planning blog would be a great addition to November. In her words: “My blog is creative,  fun, inspiring, thoughtful, and honest.”
What’s your favorite thing to do in your city or about your city?
My favorite thing to do in Winter Park, FL is all of the community events in winter. Our community really embraces the winter holidays and starting in November, we have a different free community event every weekend from a classic car show, to a Christmas choir in the park, to a holiday party with hot cocoa and cookies in one of the historic houses.
Why do you blog?
I blog because I love events and entertaining, and love to be inspired by the industry. Being an event coordinator, I’m constantly involved with unique décor for events or getting ideas for entertaining, so I love to share it with others to inspire them.
What is your all time favorite blog post?
I recently posted about My Décor Style and my readers seemed to really like it! I wanted to show them a little bit about me, but also inspire them to think outside of the box as far as décor goes.
Yelle – Yelle Events: blogtwitter | pinterest | instagram | tumblr | bloglovin | hellocotton
A new friend of mine through the Happiness Linkup is Alyssa from The Baking Yogi. Someone who mixes baking and yoga? Heck yeah! In her words it’s, “Honest, Exploratory, Transitional, Sassy, Love.”
What’s your favorite thing to do in your city or about your city?
West San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, CA. My favorite thing about living in the West Valley is the proximity to the beach. I love going there, smelling the ocean air, relaxing and enjoying the sites and sounds of the ocean.
Why do you blog?
I’ve been keeping journals since I was about 7, so it just made sense for me to take my journals to the web. I love writing about my everyday experiences, trying new things and sharing photos.
What is your all time favorite blog post?
So far my favorite post was about running my first 10K. It was a huge deal for me since I had never been a runner, and I feel like I really stayed true to my voice and how I felt about the whole thing as it was happening. I love rereading and reliving it.
Alyssa – The Baking Yogi: blog | facebook | twitter | pinterest
Now do you see why I am so excited? Go on, check them out!

Color Emphasis: ORANGE with a lil black

Halloween is tomorrow and instead of filling up the Color Emphasis with a bunch of Halloween I decided to just highlight the color palette. My decor style is much more passive than decorating for a ton of holidays. I prefer to wear or decorate with colors and objects that can last longer than just a 1 day holiday. Here are some of my favorite orange items with little pops of black here and there.

color emphasis: orange with pops of black

[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine ]

From a super sassy top to a textured rug the top-tier look stylish and comfortable. And now for the eclectic accessories. Coffee is a big deal in our home and this cute [and super affordable] french press would certainly add a great burst of color in our kitchen. Who says your trash has to be boring? Why not use it as an opportunity to add some style, like this little guy. Makin’ food? Make it in this spiffy skillet. Orange, gold, and black sunglasses? Do they really need any explanation? I’ve always loved pin-tuck pillows and this burst of orange is a  perfect shade. In my opinion Pantone never goes out of style. And last but certainly not least, taking a trip? Even your passport should be dressed to impress.

Are you crushing on orange?


When Erin and I decided to team up and create the IN LOVE series I knew we struck gold. I’ve learned a bunch from my first real collaboration and Erin made it extremely easy since she is awesome. This is the last week that Erin is featuring her IN LOVE picks. But don’t worry… We are going to continue the series! I’ll just be back here on Mondays sharing what I am IN LOVE with you and she will be back at her blog. Don’t forget to check out my last week at artsocial, let’s just say my soiree is pretty draperlicious!

Hi, bedsidesigners! I can’t believe this is my last guest post for the IN LOVE series… sad face. Come visit me on artsocial, k? I miss you already.

Well this week, we’re gettin’ into the Halloween spirit. I love Halloween… the treats, the scary movie-athons on tv, the opportunity to be someone else for one night (like an ab ex artist). It’s so fun. BUT Halloween decorations, treats, and costumes can get a little, oh what’s the word? Cheap. Kitschy. Over-the-top. Craptastic. Oh the acrylic! The horribly-made costumes! My recipe for a guaranteed classy Halloween: black and white.

in love: halloween

1. Dress up your cupcakes with some black and white spider wrappers… mmm festively delicious.

2. If you ask me, this simple black mask is way sexier than all of that stuff in the Halloween stores… (find a similar style here).

3. and 4. Black decorations instantly say Halloween this time of year… add some black balloons and a black party banner to the room = instant spooksville, population: you and your party guests. Chief exports: class and spook-tastic fun. Ok, I’ll stop… (find a similar black pennant party banner here).

5. Excuse me, your cocktail is smoking. It’s supposed to be! With a little dry ice for a spooky touch, the La Llorona Cocktail is Halloween soiree-ready.

6. Omigosh, I’ve been so stuck in my carving ways that it never occurred to me I could paint my pumpkins. This is a game-changer for me…

7. Just like with art and design, I think sometimes the most successful holiday party treats are the simple ones. No need for all the bells and whistles… these sugar cookies are a classic favorite with a Halloween twist (and mucho classo).

Stay classy, San Diego. Oh I mean, stay classy this Halloween, guys… and have FUN!

Since this is Erin’s last week here, make sure to follow her:  Twitter +  Facebook + Pinterest + Instagram

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