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Prints + Patterns + Spaces: APPLES

Since fall is in full force we are planning on going apple picking this weekend. Want to know something horrible? I have yet to go apple picking in Syracuse. I know, I live in Central New York – one of the most amazing places for that sort of thing but I was really sick last year and never got a chance. I decided this is THE year and we are going to make it happen! Hopefully the weather holds up. Ah, I’m dreaming of all the appley goodness I can make…yum.

prints + patterns + spaces: apples


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I know, two ladies featured in apple prints – but people, I couldn’t pick. They both look cray and I love it. <–By the way, I asked if “cray” was okay on twitter yesterday and I was welcomed with open tweets…if you hate it tell me, but it makes me super happy. What are your plans this weekend? Doing any fall type things? I would love to hear about it!


Color Emphasis: Burgundy

Now that autumn is finally here I’m ready for saturated colors that speak to fall tones. Burgundy is the first color that I think captures my current fall mood, plus to be able to mention the great Ron Burgundy is also an added excuse [hence #1]. What do you think of this bold color?

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Maybe it’s because my brother just purchased an awesome leather couch set and so I have leather couches on the brain that I am completely smitten by this couch. I love how burgundy can transcend and have more of a masculine feel. What do you think?

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Fall is here and I am thrilled! Bring on the pumpkins, spices, and cozy clothes! Erin from artsocial is here with us sharing her favorite things about this time of year and I’m over at artsocial today sharing mine!

Well hello again! So happy to be back for round two of the IN LOVE series… this time we’re focusing on all of those autumnal goodies that make it easier to say adios to summer and helllooo to fall.

in love fall roundup by artsocial

1. Fall in Colorado is pretty magical. The trees turn gorgeous colors and there’s a crisp smell to the air that reminds me of fall activities – going back to school, picking out pumpkins, walking through crunchy leaves. You can really feel the seasons change here in Denver.

2. Jackets!! The crisp fall air means – hallelujah! – it’s jacket season. Wearing a jacket or blazer makes me feel instantly cute + professional and ready for my day… one time I put a blazer on over my pajamas for a Skype meeting. Totally rocked it. The blazer meant business and they were none the wiser to my old pajama bottoms.

3. One of my favorite fall activities is baking. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread is my specialty. OH yeah.

4. My second favorite fall activity is drinking warm beverages (that’s a legit fall activity, right?). I’ve never tried it, but I’m pretty intrigued by this earl grey hot chocolate… what do you think? Yay or nay?

5. I get cold easily. Fall is the best excuse ever to be cozy (and much better than winter when I’m required to wear my marshmallow man winter coat to survive… not cute). Blankets! Scarves! Sweaters! Bring it on… chances are I’m probably a little chilly right now. I’m that girl who carries a cardigan with her EVERYWHERE just in case.

6. Oh I love these Madewell boots. They need to be on ma feets… and I won’t take them off till spring thaw.

7. Oh Alby, you’re so wise. When the seasons change I become extra reflective about where I’ve been and where I’m going… What was I doing last year at this time? What do I want to be doing next fall? The beginning of a new season is like a tabula rasa, a fresh start, a chance to leave behind the things that aren’t working and focus on the things you do want. What are you imagining for yourself this fall?

See you next week, friends!

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Color Emphasis: Deep Teal

Now that summer is coming to a close it is time to amp up the color and go with richer, more vibrant tones. I love deep teal in all areas of life. From cosmetics to home decor this color packs a punch and does not disappoint. Pair it with colors that have cool under tones or neutrals for a super chic look.

This is a color emphasis roundup of pantone's fall color deep teal

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Prints + Patterns + Spaces: Leaves

Since autumn is on my mind I wanted to share some falling leaves inspiration. Don’t be fooled get your hopes up by the “for the baby” that is not a secret code announcing anything. I am simply making a suggestion for anyone with kids. I can’t wait to have my own some day, but that day is not today. What do you think about the patterned leaves trend? As I’m writing typing this I have a few notebooks scattered around with a similar pattern.

This is a patterned roundup of leaves by bedsidesign

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I love the leaf wall – how epic is that?

Color Emphasis: Mustard

I’m usually savoring every last second of summer but I found myself getting excited for autumn. Central New York is a gorgeous place in the fall. I’ve never seen the leaves so vivid, felt the air so crisp, and invigorating. I am looking forward to the change of season and with that mustard is on my mind. I think this is one of my favorite fall hues.

This is a color round up on bedsidesign's Color Emphasis: Mustard

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What color do you want to see emphasized? Send your suggestions to bedsidesign [at] gmail [dot] com or leave a comment!