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Prints + Patterns + Spaces: Feminine Stud

I know what your thinking? A feminine stud? Well, I recently noticed a theme. Studs used to symbolize bikers, rough things, and edgy types. I remember when I got my first studded belt back in high school. Boy did I think I was the biggest badass around. While scouring Pinterest I started to notice cutesy, and dainty jewelry, shirts, and even home decor with studs. I think we are living in an age where studs can be sweet, delicate, and add the perfect metallic touch!

prints + patterns + spaces: studs[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten ]

I love all the neutral and muted tones paired with these snazzy studs. I want all of it, every single item! How glamorous is that chair and ottoman? Would it be overkill to wear it all at the same time, I’m not sure if there are rules about how many studded items to wear at one time without looking ridiculous but that watch, those shoes, even the gloves, all at once?

What do you think? Would you ever decorate or sport this style? Or, are you still a fan of studs like this? P.S. Disclaimer: In efforts to Be Christie Jones I must state that I would never wear that skirt, but I would totally rock that shirt.


The HUMP: It’s back!

Have you missed the typography focus on the blog lately? I sure have. It is a bit hard finding the balance because I have a million and one things I would love to share with you all. I guess it is a good thing that I’m on an inspired streak huh? Well it is time for me to spill. This week hasn’t been the greatest. I’m not going to go into a huge complain-fest because that’s not what this is for. If I remember anything from The Happiness Project it is that your mood can affect others, and most importantly yourself. For times like this week when things get real, and the stress keeps you me up at night things like this help:

Jon May's Have Faith typography.

Jon May’s Have Faith totally hits the spot for me. No matter what kind of setbacks, potential meltdowns [I must say I originally had “letdowns” and spell check changed this to “meltdowns” I liked it better!] or uncontrolled circumstance you experience having faith during the midst of the crisis is key. Hang in there, I will try to do the same!

Color Emphasis: Turquoise

I am a biggg fan of turquoise. From jewelry to home decor I think this color can look extremely retro or nice and modern. I tend to lean more towards a blue turquoise instead a green one. I love pairing this with oranges, or even taupe. What do you think of turquoise, are you a fan?

[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight ]


If you are looking for more color inspiration you can find more color emphasis and pin your favorites. Comment below with your favorite colors and maybe they will be emphasized next!





The IN LOVE series is such a great way to start off the week. This weekend the hubs and I worked on our home office and I’m sharing my inspiration for designing our shared space over at artsocial <–think blacks, whites, and pops of metallics…oh yeahh!

Hi there, bedsidesigners. I know what you’re thinking: In Love: Office? There’s nothing sexy about offices. OH but there is. Ordinary office supplies no longer have to be ordinary, folks. Shark staple removers, envelopes with glitter, mouse pads that are actually cool! The goodies below are just a few of the office accessories I have a crush on… that’s right, I have a crush on a mouse pad.

in love is a collaborative series with artsocial

1. I love to surround my office space with inspirational shtuff. Little sayings and motivational quotes that keep me pumped and focused are scattered everywhere. This stamp by Eat Pray Create is perfect for a little motivational boost… plus I’ve recently fallen in love with using stamps to personalize thank you letters and other artsocial mailings. Hat tip to you, Eat Pray Create.

2. Looking for a new planner? Poketo has gotcha covered. I have a pretty big office crush on Poketo… like borderline obsession.

3. You know how I said I have motivational quotes and such scattered everywhere in my office? Yup, “scattered” is the perfect word to describe my office. I need this clipboard organization system in the worst way. Perfectly organized inspiration… can you imagine?

4. It should come as no surprise that I LOVE art. Integrating art into my everyday life makes me one happy art lady. Enter: bubblegum paperweight sculptures. So awesome, right? I die. I would purposefully create stacks of messy papers just so I could use these…

5. Every office needs washi tape, yes? There are countless ways to use washi tape in an office. Ok, I may have sealed a rent check with washi tape. I don’t recommend that necessarily, but washi tape adds some extra happiness to just about every piece of mail I send out… and it can really add some pizazz to business cards.

6. I already have an elephant patterned laptop sleeve, so obvi I have to get a matching mouse pad by Slightly Smitten Kitten Designs. I love it so much… maybe too much.

7. I think having great stationery and gift wrap on hand is a sign of adulthood… right now I do not have any stationery or gift wrap. I’m ordering some asap. Sending someone a real live thank you card or gift in the mail has quite an impact. Let’s all send more mail, k? Psst if you have a stationery demand, isavirtue has the supply.

What are some of your favorite office accessories and must-haves?

Check out the other topics we are IN LOVE with. Are you looking for more ways to connect with this series? Head over to our Pinterest board where we pin all our inspiration. Oh and did I mention Erin is a social media wiz? She’s on Twitter +  Facebook + Pinterest + Instagram

Color Emphasis: SAGE

As I was thinking about what color to feature this week I stumbled [again] across that kitchen that has been EVERYWHERE! My jaw literally dropped the first time I saw the house tour. It was clear what needed to happen…a minty-sage green roundup, of course!

color emphasis: sage by bedsidesign[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven ]

From recycled glass to that vintage phone [still for sale] this color is both calming and sophisticated. Check out more of the Color Emphasis series and don’t forget to pin your favorites!


Prints + Patterns + Spaces: POLKA DOTS!

Sticking with my latest obsession – confetti and when I spotted that adorable Sloan Crew Neck Sweater I knew today had to be about polka dots. I love how they can look retro, feminine and sleek all at the same time.

prints + patterns + spaces: polka dots

[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine ]

How cute is that room with the Castle polka-dotted sheets? I’ve been in love with Castle for a while and Erin from artsocial also seems to love them too! I also [sadly] need to state that when I found this envelope coin purse it was marked down to $4, now it is no longer available but…I had to include it. I love how timeless polka dots are – they are always stylish! What do you think about polka dots?

Check out more Prints + Patterns + Spaces on the blog and on pinterest!

Happy Friday!


The Happiness Project: Week 3

Well kids this week my copy of The Happiness Project came! I dove right in and all the praise is well deserved. I’m really enjoying it. I’m equally loving this link up so if you are a blogger you should seriously consider joining!

be happy linkup by artsocial

Even though I just started the book it doesn’t mean that I have to wait until I’m done reading to be happy! So often I feel like people [myself included!] procrastinate on happiness because they are waiting for a special timeframe when life is easier and it’ll just miraculously fit into their schedule. Believe me, we’ll all be waiting a very long time! I love this quote by Walt Whitman about happiness. There’s nothing wrong with planning but if you are so busy always planning your life you’ll miss it.

walt whitman quote by christie jones

My mom called yesterday and the topic of happiness came up. She was asking me what would make me happy?

It’s great because I feel like I’m in a really positive place. I’ve been stepping out in ways that I haven’t before. I am intentionally working towards certain goals. I think if I was in a negative place I would be quicker to make irrational and unrealistic goals. I think personality also plays a key role in all of this, and I loved this post on the Alt blog about the 12 most striking tendencies of creative people. I think my favorite was #12 – Aren’t Alone. Through this linkup and other blogging networks I’m finally feeling like I’m not alone is this big blogging world, and that makes me happy.


One place that I would love to network and meet other awesome creative people is at Alt. I’ve followed Alt for a while and always wanted to go. By the time I realized they would be in NY they were sold out…bummer. I’m hopinggggg [pretty please with cherries on top!] that I win this free ticket because that would seriously make me HAPPY! For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog.

Click here to enter OR enter through artsocial’s linkup.

The HUMP: Part 27: Movin’ Mountains

I absolutely love a whimsical collage print. I found Yellow Button Studio while searching through Etsy and totally wanted to feature them on my blog – thankfully they gave me the green light! This is by far my favorite print out of their awesome shop and I recommend taking a look.

Let her sleep for when she wakes she will move mountains - yellow button studio

Mountains are on my mind.


  1. A large natural elevation of the earth’s surface rising abruptly from the surrounding level; a large steep hill.
  2. A region where there are many such features, characterized by remoteness and inaccessibility.

When I launched bedsidesign in January I had a concept and an idea. Even with my focus I was winded easily and struggled with creating content, finding my voice, and the rhythm of consistent blogging. A couple of months ago I really started to have fun with this here blog. I find myself spending more time blogging. I look forward to posting, taking pictures and connecting with my readers and fellow bloggers. This sudden interest rose abruptly – there wasn’t an “aha” moment but things are clicking. I’m enjoying the climb.

It reminds me of a summer I spent in Europe back in 2006. I was in Switzerland with a group of 15 people and “climbing an alp” was scheduled that day. I was terrified. Halfway through the climb I stopped with a friend. Our lungs felt like they were going to explode. I remember muttering words and being embarrassed that I was such a wimp. We pressed on – not even because we wanted to, we just didn’t want to get left behind. By the time we reached the elevation that was deemed “acceptable” we were exhausted. It turns our group was enjoying the refreshing glacial lake and stunning scenery. I remember being so tired [it wasn’t just that I was out of shape it was also an extremely stressful trip but that’s another story] that I just sat on a rock. I remember being jealous of all the people who effortlessly rose to the top and were able to jump even headfirst into the water.

I’ve grown up a lot since then and you may remember me saying I’m trying not to take myself so seriously. Sometimes I wish I could bask in the beauty and enjoy the remoteness of that mountain. But, it has also helped me to try to appreciate all the steps that I take. Whether you are a blogger or trying to make changes in your life don’t wish away the process, sometimes that’s the best part.


Happy Monday! Okay – I’ve had this trick up my sleeve and the time has come to share it with you. Erin from Artsocial & I are collaborating on Mondays with a new series called “In Love” – I will be guest blogging on her awesome blog and she will be starting off the Bedsidesign week by guest blogging here. In addition, you can follow our inspiration behind the scenes via Pinterest where we are collecting the images that we will share with you! You guys are going to love Erin – her blog is flippin’ great and her eye for art/design/fashion/music/you get the point – is spot on. Please give her a warm welcome and don’t forget to check out my post on her blog!


Hi there, friends. I’m preeetty stoked to be guest posting on Bedsidesign… and talking about happiness is kind of my favorite thing right now. Here are a few of the things that make me smile, bring me inspiration, and/or cause me to do spontaneous happy dances…

in-love roundup by artsocial

1. Oh the Pinterest. Not only do I love Pinterest, but I can’t get enough of the incredible lifestyle photography that’s pinned on the reg. Signe Vilstrup is one of my absolute favorites… P.S. photo shoots with balloons? CANNOT go wrong.

2. Speaking of balloons, these balloon prints by Inflated/Deflated are so clever I can’t stand it. It’s such a simple, yet brilliant idea… it makes me want to write my own sayings on deflated balloons (is that weird?). I’m a big contemporary art fan, so taking the mundane and turning it into a work of art is right up my alley. I often find myself thinking I just want to travel… et tu?

3. So I know I’m a guest on Bedsidesign and I don’t want to start off on the wrong foot, but… I’m kind of a cat lady. This is my cat Meowmers. He’s a sassy little guy, he brings me much happiness, and he sometimes finds himself on my Instagram feed… only sometimes, I promise. I try to keep my cat lady-ness in check.

4. I mentioned I love me some contemporary art – well Paul Octavious is one of the most talented and creative contemporary photographers out there. I have such an art crush on him… if I ever saw him in real life, I’d probably faint boy-band-fan style.

5. There’s something about cupcakes and happiness – they seem inextricably linked. They’re like an individually-sized gift just for you… and mini cupcakes? Well they’re even better cuz you can have like 3 and not feel bad.

6. Flats. I luurve them. I’m only 5’3″ so I should probs be interested in heels… but I’m not. They just don’t feel like me.  So I’m saying nay to high heels and embracing my short-ness, ya hear. And Madewell does flats oh so well.

7. For some reason I have a soft spot for ’90s rap music… This gem from Friends of Type is referencing a little ditty by Skee Lo… takes me right back to high school, cruisin’ around in my *ahem* Neon… not very baller.

What are some of your favorite things, friends? I’d love to hear!

Want to see what else Erin is talking about? Find her on Twitter +  Facebook + Pinterest + Instagram

The HUMP: Part 26: Free Your Mind


BEFORE: 5:30 pm -Do you ever over think things? I do all the time. I love to research and analyze things [a true nerd trait that I’m totally okay with]. I’m pretty outgoing but when it comes to new things I get really anxious. I’m letting you in on my little secret since I don’t want you to think that I am this rock star blogger 24/7.

I decided to write half of this post before my first class and the rest after [it’ll specify “after”] it. Right now I’m nervous. I have butterflies in my stomach and it was hard for me to sleep this week because I’ve gone over every possible scenario. I know that later tonight I will be just fine. Ian will drop me off at class and I will make it to whatever classroom I need to be in. I’ve studied the supply list and double checked that I have everything I need. My nails are painted, my hair is straightened. I’m even wearing some fancy socks. I will be just fine, and yet my mind won’t stop racing.

We just started watching How I Met Your Mother and I totally identify with one of the lead character – Ted. He over thinks, is dramatic, loves to tell stories he’s told a million times, and is always wondering what if. In one episode his friends convince him to free his mind and so he gets drunk. Now, I’m not saying I have to get drunk to calm down but basically long story short he winds up totally fine. He has some fun, gets more stories to tell and is okay. I will be okay…going to class now. Eeeek!

Free your mind print by Galaxy Eyes

AFTER: 9:09 pm – I survived. I was 6 minutes late to class because they didn’t notify me that the room # changed. I am also the youngest by approximately 30 years give or take. I’m in class with a lovely bunch of ladies redesigning their kitchens, family rooms and basements. I definitely am the odd youngster out – which is not what I was expecting although a couple of friends teased me about it earlier today. I guess that’s what happens when you go to an adult education program. Here I go rethinking things all over again. The good part is my nerves have chilled out and now I know what to expect. I’m gonna stay positive and see if the Golden Girls [that’s my secret name for them] teach me something.

Don’t you just love this print by Galaxy Eyes? Check out more of their stuff on Society 6.