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Dates on the Cheap: Get FESTIVE

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. One of the many things that I love about this time of year is how lively a city can look decorated for the holidays. Syracuse sure does clean up nice with all the lights.
Ian and I were due for a mini-date and we like usual were a bit strapped for cash. We planned to be “out” during an afternoon and pretty much winged the whole date. Luckily we had a blast and I think you may too.

Find out where/when your city or town will have a decorated Christmas tree. Bundle up if you are in a chilly place [like Syracuse!] and pack a camera if you want. Syracuse is great because they also BLAST epic Christmas music right in Clinton Square – where the tree is set up. We could have also gone ice skating but we were being a bit lazy.

Stroll around linking arms. Talk about your Christmas plans. The key to this date is to talk & see. If you get cold have your significant give you a hug. Caution: I wouldn’t suggest this for a first day. Just sayin’! Now, I suggest after you freeze your butts off to make a trip to your local cafe and order a hot chocolate, coffee or tea. Since I was in need of a little caffeine boost before we saw the tree we went to the Downtown Cafe Kubal location and ordered the most amazing mocha and pumpkin spiced latte. Check out my Instagram feed for the fancy picture of our lattes. 

Alyssa from All Things Beautiful has some great cheap date ideas as well! [Today she’s talking all about exploring the historic district of your city – I love this!]

P.S. This is my last post using wordpress.com! It’s a little sad, but I’m onto bigger and better things. Stay tuned for the big reveal on Monday!


Dates on the Cheap: #2

Okay friends, when I came up with the idea for this mini-series I thought, “Sure, cheap, fun, creative date ideas will be a good thing to blog about. Let’s make this happen.” What I am now realizing is I LOVE THIS SERIES. Like for reals. Not only do I have an excuse to try out a bunch of new ideas and places but I also get to bring my PIC [partna in crime, aka Ian] along for the ride. My blogging buddy Alyssa from All Things Beautiful decided to linkup with the series too [so check it out!]. I’m thrilled because now we have both east coast [I’m gearing up for wintery dates] and west coast [she’s enjoying the amazing weather…I’m a little jealous] date ideas!

dates on the cheap series by bedsidesign

Where did we go on our next date? We both love beer, Syracuse, and affordable dates. That’s why we picked a local brewery’s free beer tasting! Yes, that’s right I said FREE. I can’t believe it has taken us 2 years to check out Middle Ages.

Dates on the Cheap

We were able to try out all the beers that they had on tap and relax. It was great for two people [like us] who are comfortable holding a conversation, but it would also be a great first date because you can try new things together. Plus, did I mention it was FREE?!

Middle Ages Brewery Syracuse NYWe didn’t take any pictures inside because we didn’t want to operate any machinery while drinking. Make sure that if you go on one of these dates you take a cab, walk or other transportation since I do not endorse drinking and driving. Also, since it is free please give a generous tip to the happy people working there. After we left Middle Ages Ian looked at me and I knew what he was thinking. He blurted, “Yeah, let’s do this every week.” And that’s how traditions are born.

Search the local breweries in your town or city to see if they offer a free tasting and check it out!

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