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Apartment Tour: Living Room / Dining Room Combo

Have you started decorating for the holidays yet? We just started to. I decided before I show a full-fledged decorated-for-the-holidays room I should probably show you all the progress we have made in our living room/dining room. Remember how I said our bathroom was in progress? Well, our whole apartment is. We had to be intentional and creative to transform a 12′- 4″ x 17′ room into dual entertainment place. Let’s hang out together [virtually of course] in our cozy combo room:

The Joneses living room/dining room combo.Using our larger couch as the divider we were able to create an illusion of two spaces. However, when we have a group of friends over some can sit and watch the TV from the table while others can occupy the couches. Oh yeah, those couches cost us less than $450 with taxes and delivery! Mixing ornate details like our mirror with a modern pendant light from Target (only $20!) adds dimension to our eclectic style. A set of chevron placemats stand out on our black table.

The Joneses small dining room space

Can you tell we are readers, and musicians? Gotta always have the essentials handy! That’s what makes it a living room. I love my thrifted hexagon end tables – yeah only $5 each. Mixing in our love for typography with our apartment means our initials become a statement and a comfy “@” pillow adds both comfort and style. Oh and we are not minimalists when it comes to pillows…that’s on the to-do list.

The Joneses living room room small spaces apartment tourOur happy Hobstr terrarium is alive and well. A cute, little sea otter keeps it company on our IKEA Hyllis shelves. Some DIY ombre artwork adds a splash of color to our black and white room. I’m kinda feeling like repainting them to match the minimalist artwork I recently fell in love with. And lastly, our little gallery wall is starting to expand.

A happy Hobstr terrarium and DIY art add personal touchesIKEA Hyllis shelving units

What’cha think? Feel free to ask me where we got this or that. I was delaying this post thinking the weather might get nicer so the lighting might turn out better – but who am I kidding? I live in Syracuse and winter is coming.



Frames, Prints, [re]think Syracuse!

One of the many benefits of working in the Delevan Center is “The FREE Table” or so it is called. Sure the galleries are awesome, my job is pretty great, but that FREE table can be the cherry on top. I knew I struck gold when I found a set of rounded corner wood frames with spotless white mattes. I removed the lovely artwork and displayed it at work. I brought the frames home and couldn’t figure out what to put in them. That is, until I discovered [re]think Syracuse. Remember that awesome print I bought from Craft Chemistry? Well this weekend Ian and I decided to buy 1 more print so that we could display the frames in the same room. Behold:

Print #1: We got a lotta compliments on this one! It is all the different neighborhoods of Syracuse.

P.S. more on that wooden object soon – yes, it is a DIY!

Print #2: The Newbie! Spotlight on Franklin Square. We don’t live in Franklin Square but it is easily one of our favorite spots. We even took a photography date there [stayed tuned for tomorrow’s afternoon post].

I love the color scheme, graphic nature and the story behind the prints. As someone who is in love with Syracuse I was thrilled to see someone else even more passionate about this city. Jason Evans is the designer behind [re]think Syracuse.

“If you are not yet aware of this, it will not take you long to realize — I have an immense [perhaps sometimes overboard] passion for the city of Syracuse. I was born here; I grew up here; I live here; I was educated here; and I am now practicing architecture here. The city has provided me with a forum of interaction, a place to form a wealth of experiences. I am an avid traveler, whenever possible immersing myself in cities all over the world, and bringing that knowledge back home. I am as equally enamored with the wonderful existing urban fabric of Syracuse as I am alarmed by its current apparent state of despair. I can sense, and see, the amazing potential that the city and region is poised on the edge of — just waiting for a little push, for some people to stir things up a bit, for the dialogue to become concrete action.”

Knowing that background info I can proudly display his work in our home and hope that it will become a conversation starter in our living room. I hope to have the complete collection someday [what a great gallery wall idea]. How awesome are all of these?


YAY! Friday is here and boy do I have a treat to share with you. In an effort to promote “Being Christie Jones” I decided to scrap today’s regularly scheduled Prints + Patterns + Spaces post and share a recent find. Cat from Howkapow contacted me this week and I have been drooling over her online shop all week-long. She was gracious enough to answer some questions so that we can get to know the mastermind behind this quirky shop. I seriously feel like I would buy everything from this place so if you feel like you share my love for eclectic home and fashion accessories check it out. Oh, and did I mention that they are a UK company – even better!


Before we get to the little Q&A I must share some of my favorite items. I had to exercise a lot of control and narrow these down since I wound up almost posting their entire website. Behold, my top 3 picks:

Howkapow: upholstery orange cushion

It was like love at first site when I saw this cushion. Colorful, hints of black and white, hand dyed cotton satin, geometric shapes? I want to cuddle with it, hug it, love it. Yes, I’m smitten.

Howkapow: orange coffee maker

The hubs and I try not to be coffee snobs but, I think we may be. We aren’t vocally snobbish to others but when it comes to making our own we wanna do it right [I should say he since he is the home barista]. I think this little splash of color would make the brewing process that much more special. Plus, we could hang this print somewhere near our coffee bar!

Howkapow: orange fox tray

Now this is foxy! Talk about a head-turner. I would love to entertain with this bad boy.

On to the good part – the Q&A with Cat How:

What’s your favorite thing about your city?
My favourite things (can I have more than one?!) about Bristol are the music and art festivals and sense of community. Even though it’s a big city, you will always bump into someone you know just wandering along the street and there is a really strong sense of local pride in what people do and where people come from. Bristolians love music, independence, good food… and throwing a great party!
Why did you decide to open an online shop?
Back in the summer of 2010, I had just finished a Masters in Design at Art College in London (Central Saint Martins) and my husband and I wanted to move back to Bristol because we missed all our friends and the city so much. We also decided we wanted to work together and try to put something back into the local community. We set up the online shop as a precursor to opening up a shop / gallery / artspace in the city later. We wanted a business founded on values of fairness and honesty – and we wanted to support and promote new and independent designers and illustrators.
What is on your bedside table?
My husband made my bedside table for me with ceramic tiles that I made myself so I love it! It’s bright blue and always has on it: my bright yellow bedside lamp; a large glass of water and a book. At the moment it’s Jack Kerouac’s On The Road.
What are five things you couldn’t live without?
My husband. My friends and family. My iPhone (shameful!). Coffee. Red wine.
Thanks Cat for reaching out. My bedsidesigners check out Howkapow – you won’t regret it!

Apartment Tour: Bathroom

Today we are getting the ball rolling with the first featured room of our apartment tour. I’m starting out with an odd one: the bathroom. The bathroom was the first room I fell in love with because of the tiles on the walls and the floor. Disclaimer: we moved in June of this year so all of our rooms are still in progress.

apartment tour: bathroom christie jones of bedsidesign.

Like I said, progress – I have yet to find curtains for the bathroom but at least the bottom half of the window is frosted. My aloe plant is alive and well [since summer – that’s a hugeee since I’m not the best with plants]. The geometric shower curtain is from Target and has some of the colors I want to slowly add into the bathroom.

apartment tour: the joneses bathroom plant
Our friends gave this amazing moustache print to Ian. It was the first piece of artwork that we put up and I knew exactly where it should go. Why not inspire him to try out some unique facial hair trends while shaving. This print gets all the attention when we have friends over. Since our bathroom is super small we installed this shelf so that we maximize the space. We also didn’t want to weigh the bathroom down so we opted for a see-through storage rack. A basket with extra hand towels, and lotion make it feel accommodating. Our ceramic and bamboo bathroom holder provides a little storage space for all those practical things like toothbrushes.
apartment tour: the joneses bathroom moustache artworkapartment tour: the joneses bathroom
I know a lot of people hate bathroom lighting with exposed light bulbs but again, I’m kind of weird and absolutely love it. I’m wondering what it would look like with some Edison bulbs like these bad boys.

apartment tour: the joneses bathroom lighting

Does that candle look familiar? Metallic gold and white chevron storage boxes from Smock add in an extra pattern [are you keeping track of all the patterns? Yeah, I break the rules]. As for educational bathroom reading it is brought to you by my 100 Facts about Pandas copy.

apartment tour: the joneses bathroom decor

Last but not least: the tile floor.

apartment tour: christie jones from bedsidesign bathroom

Now that we got the most intimate room out the way stay tuned for the rest of the tour! What colors or patterns do you have in your bathroom?

DIY: The Beginnings of a Gallery Wall

I love gallery walls. One of my all time favorites is from Young House Love – their hallway gallery has the most amazing collection. Definitely check their post out because they also offer an amazing tutorial on how to hang all those frames. By using the same color frames all the artwork and displayed items look cohesive. I picked out a wall in my living room/dining room and it has stayed unharmed.

I was mesmerized the first time I saw this. I have an awesome Rothko print that will live on the other side of the wall so I wanted that to mesh well with my collection. I settled on unstained wood frames. We picked up 5 frames in rectangles and squares from A.C. Moore for $1 each.

unstained wood frames from AC Moore

Now the hard part…what to I put in them? I’m planning on making this wall a mixture: pictures of us, quotes, odd graphics and bold colors…totally us. I’ve been collecting scraps of paper and paint chips so I threw together 5 (almost free) pieces. I used a bit of washi tape too. If you are planning on making a gallery wall you can pick a theme and find variations of it. Since we are more eclectic I didn’t want to take it too seriously.

gallery wall DIY by bedsidesign

Before I committed to placing them on the wall I put them on the table and started playing with the arrangement. Have fun with this! I changed it up a ton of times.

DIY gallery wall by bedsidesign

Since our walls are nearly impossible to drill holes into [concrete + brick] and we live in an apartment I used Scotch adhesive mounting tape – this also makes it easier to change-up later if needed.

DIY gallery wall by bedsidesign

Each frame is slight irregular so we didn’t worry too much about whether it was straight or not. Now that we have a core we can branch outward as we add photos and frames. It was so easy and I’m so happy we got started on it. What do you think? What would you put in a gallery wall?

Apartment Tour: Sneak Peek #1

Since I’ve promised an Apartment Tour I thought it would be fun to posts a few teasers before I showcase our new place entirely. I will post them in fragments and you’ll be able to see how they fit together by the end of the month [yikes – gotta keep this place clean!]. Let me know what you think and take a shot guessing where things are!

#1: The trinity: Comprised of 2 DIY Ombré paintings I painted while I made these coasters and an “&” + our initials purchased on sale from Hobby Lobby.

DIY ombre painting by bedsidesign

gold & and initials home decor from hobby lobby

DIY Ombre Painting by bedsidesign

Where do you think these hang?

Architecture Lust: The Prefab of my Dreams

I know what you are probably thinking – prefab? Gross! Well, this isn’t your typical prefab. You many remember that my dream home is made from shipping containers. In my head I picture a two-story house made from 4 to 5 shipping containers. The top floor will have two decks (made from recycled materials), one for family use and one attached to the master bedroom (for sipping wine on a romantic night). One of the decks will provide coverage for a backyard patio and the other will cover the front door entrance. Sound too good to be true? Imagine my shock when I came across this prefab:

This is an image of West Coast Green Prefab Harbinger home

It is my dream home! But wait, it gets even better. As if a digital image wasn’t enough…drumroll please…constructed in less than 5 hours…

This is a harbinger prefab home made from shipping containersThis is an image of a Harbinger Prefab homeThis is an image of a Harbinger Prefab home

What do you think? Would you ever want to live in a place like this? Read more about it here & here.

Shop Talk: Poketo

Have you heard of Poketo? Well if you haven’t you are in for a treat! I first noticed a couple of their items on pinterest. One of my favorite blogs, featured the Poketo store opening in LA and I fell in love with the way that the flagship store looks. Since I am in Syracuse and not LA I can dream and order online (and their site is inspiring too)! Here are my favorite items.

This is a roundup of Christie Jones' favorite items from Poketo

[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight ]

What do you think? Are there any shops that you love?



Architecture Lust: Frederic Berthier

Some of my friends think I’m crazy for the type of architecture and interiors that I love.  I am completely lusting after this apartment by Frederic Berthier Architecture. From the gorgeous herringbone floors to the natural wood beams and cool black and white contrasted items – can I have it all please? Oh and guess where it is Paris baby, yes Paris! I desperately wish I could live in this chic apartment.

Frederic Berthier ArchitectureFrederic Berthier Architecture photoshootFrederic Berthier ArchitectureFreferic Berthier Architecture

How it is that even a cup of pencils can look breath-taking? Oh, and can we just talk about that fireplace? That’s the sexiest fireplace I have even seen! Bravo Frederic, bravo!

DIY – Hanging On My Walls: Paint Chip Artwork

I love creating low-budget artwork for our apartment. I was really inspired by Apartment Therapy‘s “Use Paint Chips to Create Wall Art” a couple of months back and thought it was a great  DIY idea. Ian and I took a trip to our local Goodwill and snatched up a bunch of frames for $0.99 – you can’t go wrong with that. We also made sure to stop by Home Depot to “pick out paint….chips” and  I left with a purse full of colors.

This is a picture of paint chip art by bedsidesign.

We naturally both gravitate to oranges [thank goodness we agree since orange is such an intense color] so in the end we chose a color palette based on orange. I love the juxtaposition of our white and black frames. I didn’t want to get matchy-matchy so I intentionally chose different types of paint chips. I also experimented with taking more of an abstract approach – no straight lines – more of an organic assembly.

This is a picture of paint chip art by bedsidesign.

The total cost for this project: $3 [this is a high estimate]. The great thing is if you want to add color but you don’t want to settle with one you can really create your own palette. You could also rotate colors seasonally. The possibilities are endless. I always make sure I grab some paint chips when I go into Home Depot. Check out the latest paint chips I picked up last week here and here. Does the last one look familiar?