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IN LOVE: “Hipster” Christmas!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday. Check out my facebook page to see the amazing turkey my brother [who is a chef] prepared. It was delicious. We had a quiet, stress-free, fancy adult dinner party with my two brothers. Four people = totally manageable and LOADS of leftovers!

As we ate dinner we watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – a classic in our family. We quoted all the lines, laughed so hard that some of us cried [okay just me but whatevs]. We always loved Clark Griswold’s Moose Mugs and I was thrilled to see them for sale at Urban Outfitters. It also dawned on me that they would be ideal for a Hipster Christmas. Here’s a guide so have yourself, A Merry Hipster Christmas!

in love: hipster christmas by bedsidesignone: It would not be a party without Clark’s Moose Mugs – the inspiration behind this Hipster Christmas party. Now all you need is some spiked eggnog.

two: Last year we hosted an ugly sweater party right after Thanksgiving. It was hysterical. Awful felted Christmas tree zippers, shoulder pads fit for a linebacker, and sequins, sparkles, and knitted Christmas carollers galore! This is a book all about rockin’ an ugly knit.

three: The perfect Christmas ornament throwback.

four: Home Alone – how you’ve warmed our hearts and filled our vocab with amazingly ridiculous quotes. This t-shirt is on my wish list.

five: All hipsters believe they are ballers. What better way to wrap their present with some rappin’ wrapping? Get it? Okay I’m done.

six: “FRAGILE! MUST BE IMPORTED!” The leg lamp. Iconic, ridiculous and a perfectly horrible light fixture that will be the center of the party.

Would you ever throw a Hipster Christmas Party?

Erin’s got her fave artsy items on artsocial today. Oh and if you want to pin these individual items head on over to our pinterest!




I’ve hinted here and there that I gravitate towards a more minimalistic design style. I love extremely simplistic artwork, especially in a black, white, and gray color palette. As my design, fashion, and interior styles start to morph [and merge] I find myself honing in on classic and clean statement pieces. Does that happen to any of you? These modern, abstract paintings and prints are my favsies.
modern minimal abstract artwork

[ one | two | three | four | five | six ]

What’s your art style preference? Another art lover is artsocial. See what Erin’s dishing out this week. Check out the IN LOVE pins.

IN LOVE: Budget Wardrobe

Over the past few weeks I let you in on my not so little secret that I am NOT a high rolla. My husband and I both work part-time so you can only imagine that our budget gets pretty tight [but we totally manage]. I don’t want you to think I’m super rich, and can throw my money wherever and however I want to. I think that’s an important fact in a blogger’s life because often times I suggest things that I like. The truth is, sometimes they are out of my own personal budget. I’m trying to keep it real here at bedsidesign and so today I am letting you in on one of my own personal projects. You see, I mentioned Thursday that I am not a fashion expert. Don’t get me wrong, I love clothes but often the cost of them makes building a wardrobe feel like daunting task or unattainable goal. Today I’m here to say, it can happen on a budget! [Imagine me doing a little dance and waving my hands in the air like I just don’t care!]

I wrote out a list of classic items that I need to fill up my closet and are versatile. I work from the list every time I go shopping and it helps me stay focused. Behold the 12 key items to building a Christie Jones-esque wardrobe…the best part is no item is over $50 and hopefully you like some of them too:

in love: building a classic womens wardrobe on a budget

[ one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine | ten | eleven | twelve ]

The top 12 items on the list: A snazzy blazer. A killer party dress. A classic chambray shirt. Standard v-neck tee. A fancy button-down. Comfy cords. Sexy black jeans. Dark-wash skinnies. A pretty belt. Oversized boyfriend watch – this baby is only $16.99! Let’s face it, I live in Syracuse…glittens are a must [mittens + gloves]. Black loafers with a tiny heel – I love being short and I’m not really into wearing heels all the time. Numbers three – four, and six – eight are crossed off my list – hooray! Now I’m just working on building in the rest of the pieces…slowly but surely. What are your wardrobe must-haves? Do you work on a budget?

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UPDATE: I mentioned in a comment that the black loafers would look awesome with shoe clips. Well Erin from artsocial included them in her black & white IN LOVE roundup and you have GOT to check them out.

Also, I peaked into a local thrift store today looking for a credenza. I did not find one but I did find a $7 black blazer with white trim….booyah! Crossing #1 off the list.


I’m so excited to start sharing the things that I am IN LOVE with directly with y’all. It was a total blast collaborating with Erin from artsocial. I encourage you to check out her bloggy, she’s sharing some sparkly goodness today.

I’m in the market for a new pair of spectacles. Ian purchased a pair of Warby Parker glasses about a year ago and they are still my favorite. Not only do they create amazing designer styles but their mission instantly sets them at the top of my preferred list. For every pair of glasses purchased they provide a pair to someone in need. I can totally get down with that. Behold, my top picks [honestly this was so hard because all of their styles are awesome]:

Winston: They had me at straight browline. These are by far my favorite. I’m desperate to try them on. Oh, did you know they offer home try on program?

Begley: I think the Begley is beggin’ for me to try them out. What do you think?

Fillmore – Tennessee Whiskey: Okay, these glasses are so sweet. I’m definitely IN LOVE with these bad-boys. They totally remind me of something Bondurant brothers from Lawless would wear.

Fillmore -Hazelwood: A little more feminine, I love the coloring in these.

Waldo: Where would we be without Waldo? I love the nostalgia behind these rims. It’s okay to be a little bit nerdy.

Benson: Minimalistic, clean-cut, and to the point. These frames are on point.

Miles: Maybe I’m drawn to these specs because my friends are planning on naming their baby Miles, or maybe it is because they are stylish but not over the top. Either way, they look pretty classy.

Everett: For when I want to feel like a diva but look like a rock star.

What is your favorite style? I need to narrow it down to 5 to try on. Which ones do you think I should try?

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When Erin and I decided to team up and create the IN LOVE series I knew we struck gold. I’ve learned a bunch from my first real collaboration and Erin made it extremely easy since she is awesome. This is the last week that Erin is featuring her IN LOVE picks. But don’t worry… We are going to continue the series! I’ll just be back here on Mondays sharing what I am IN LOVE with you and she will be back at her blog. Don’t forget to check out my last week at artsocial, let’s just say my soiree is pretty draperlicious!

Hi, bedsidesigners! I can’t believe this is my last guest post for the IN LOVE series… sad face. Come visit me on artsocial, k? I miss you already.

Well this week, we’re gettin’ into the Halloween spirit. I love Halloween… the treats, the scary movie-athons on tv, the opportunity to be someone else for one night (like an ab ex artist). It’s so fun. BUT Halloween decorations, treats, and costumes can get a little, oh what’s the word? Cheap. Kitschy. Over-the-top. Craptastic. Oh the acrylic! The horribly-made costumes! My recipe for a guaranteed classy Halloween: black and white.

in love: halloween

1. Dress up your cupcakes with some black and white spider wrappers… mmm festively delicious.

2. If you ask me, this simple black mask is way sexier than all of that stuff in the Halloween stores… (find a similar style here).

3. and 4. Black decorations instantly say Halloween this time of year… add some black balloons and a black party banner to the room = instant spooksville, population: you and your party guests. Chief exports: class and spook-tastic fun. Ok, I’ll stop… (find a similar black pennant party banner here).

5. Excuse me, your cocktail is smoking. It’s supposed to be! With a little dry ice for a spooky touch, the La Llorona Cocktail is Halloween soiree-ready.

6. Omigosh, I’ve been so stuck in my carving ways that it never occurred to me I could paint my pumpkins. This is a game-changer for me…

7. Just like with art and design, I think sometimes the most successful holiday party treats are the simple ones. No need for all the bells and whistles… these sugar cookies are a classic favorite with a Halloween twist (and mucho classo).

Stay classy, San Diego. Oh I mean, stay classy this Halloween, guys… and have FUN!

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YAY – It’s a clean slate, a brand-spankin’ new week! I’m over at artsocial today talkin’ about my favorite fall trend, graphic sweaters! Yes, that’s right they are totally “in” right now and I am loving it. 

Erin from artsocial, y’all, back with some things I’m IN LOVE with… this time we’re talkin’ fall trends. Well one fall trend in particular: Peter Pan collars!! While you can buy a shirt, sweater, or dress with a Peter Pan collar built in, you can also get a Peter Pan collar NECKLACE. This means outfits old and new can be adorned with this extra bit of awesomeness. Lovin’ this trend, friends… like maybe too much. I’m obsessed.


1. Classic Peter Pan Collar – that which the rest of these gems are based on… but the following collar def take things up a notch. A big notch.

2. Sacred Fox delicate collar necklace… also known as my absolute FAVE. I love this simple take on the Peter Pan collar. Very very contemporary. I need it on ma neck.

3. Dorothy Perkins chain collar. This collar had me at “cream ribbon detail.” Perfect for a holiday party outfit, don’t you think?

4. ASOS rounded collar necklace. Ok this one would totally add new life to my sweaters… and in Colorado we’ve officially entered sweater season. Added to cart.

5. Kenneth Cole New York necklace. Kenneth, you sure know how to make a rad collar necklace. High five.

6. Bottica black sequin collar. Sequins can easily enter cheap/costume territory… but not this sequined beauty. I think this collar’s territory is fancy and/or shmancy.

7. People Tree Peter Pan collar. A) love this necklace. B) love this brand. People Tree’s clothing and accessories are eco-friendly – fashion with a conscience if you will. For example, this necklace is made from lead and nickel-free, fair trade certified, silver-plated brass. Hat tip to you, People Tree.

What do you think? Would you rock one of these necklaces?

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Today we have a treat! We are talking about parties and this is a topic that I certainly love. After hosting 15 people for Thanksgiving last year I have an itch to plan a holiday dinner party. We don’t have the space to host 15 people now so I’m trying to create an intimate setting and heavily focus on the decor. I’m sharing my party inspiration over at artsocial– think metallics, organic centerpieces and exposed wood. I’m all for mixing styles.

Erin from artsocial back for another round of IN LOVE! Wow, guys. Are the holidays already coming up?? My friends, family, and every store you enter seem to think so… my favorite thing about this time of year? All of the wonderful parties that bring everyone together.

this is part of the in love series by artsocial and bedsidesign

1. Balloons! Well of course my favorite thing about holiday parties – or any parties for that matter – are balloon decorations. I mean they’re what make it a party, yes? Put some balloons in a room. Boom. Party. These epic balloons from Geronimo Balloons should just come live at my house… like all year round.

2. Finger food. So it goes: #1 favorite thing about parties: balloons. #2 favorite thing: delicious, individually-sized snacks. Cute mini donuts need to be at my holiday parties this year. Period.

3. Party pants. Everyone has a pair of party pants, right? Ok they may not be suuuuper short and have sequins on them, but they’re those special pair of pants that make you feel so hawt. Holiday parties give you the opportunity to dress up, wear those party pants, and really sparkle + shine.

4. Gathering. The best part of holiday parties? The bringing-people-together part. Just think of all the people in your life you only see around the holidays… celebrating family and friends, that’s the good stuff. (photo by Anabela Carneiro)

5. Creative decorations. Oh holiday party decor!! No matter what holiday decorations you choose to put up or how elaborate you choose to make them, they always make it feel like the holidays. It’s not Halloween until there’s a pumpkin on the doorstep, and it’s not Christmas until there’s a tree in the living room. Those are the rules, guys. I didn’t write them.

6. Party dranks. I’m a big fan of fun holiday cocktails that capture the taste of the season… or that have tinsel drink stirrers. Either/or.

7. Get out the good stuff. The holidays are for celebrating. Bust out your party pants and fine china. Can you imagine eating off of this bejeweled plate? It’d make my green bean casserole look real good.

Happy holiday party planning, friends!

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The IN LOVE series is such a great way to start off the week. This weekend the hubs and I worked on our home office and I’m sharing my inspiration for designing our shared space over at artsocial <–think blacks, whites, and pops of metallics…oh yeahh!

Hi there, bedsidesigners. I know what you’re thinking: In Love: Office? There’s nothing sexy about offices. OH but there is. Ordinary office supplies no longer have to be ordinary, folks. Shark staple removers, envelopes with glitter, mouse pads that are actually cool! The goodies below are just a few of the office accessories I have a crush on… that’s right, I have a crush on a mouse pad.

in love is a collaborative series with artsocial

1. I love to surround my office space with inspirational shtuff. Little sayings and motivational quotes that keep me pumped and focused are scattered everywhere. This stamp by Eat Pray Create is perfect for a little motivational boost… plus I’ve recently fallen in love with using stamps to personalize thank you letters and other artsocial mailings. Hat tip to you, Eat Pray Create.

2. Looking for a new planner? Poketo has gotcha covered. I have a pretty big office crush on Poketo… like borderline obsession.

3. You know how I said I have motivational quotes and such scattered everywhere in my office? Yup, “scattered” is the perfect word to describe my office. I need this clipboard organization system in the worst way. Perfectly organized inspiration… can you imagine?

4. It should come as no surprise that I LOVE art. Integrating art into my everyday life makes me one happy art lady. Enter: bubblegum paperweight sculptures. So awesome, right? I die. I would purposefully create stacks of messy papers just so I could use these…

5. Every office needs washi tape, yes? There are countless ways to use washi tape in an office. Ok, I may have sealed a rent check with washi tape. I don’t recommend that necessarily, but washi tape adds some extra happiness to just about every piece of mail I send out… and it can really add some pizazz to business cards.

6. I already have an elephant patterned laptop sleeve, so obvi I have to get a matching mouse pad by Slightly Smitten Kitten Designs. I love it so much… maybe too much.

7. I think having great stationery and gift wrap on hand is a sign of adulthood… right now I do not have any stationery or gift wrap. I’m ordering some asap. Sending someone a real live thank you card or gift in the mail has quite an impact. Let’s all send more mail, k? Psst if you have a stationery demand, isavirtue has the supply.

What are some of your favorite office accessories and must-haves?

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IN LOVE: Road Trips

Can you believe it is OCTOBER?! Wow, the months are flying by. Today is our third week of the IN LOVE series and this topic is something I am very familiar with. Check out the things that I love about road trips over at artsocial.

Sooo guess what I’m doing this week… if you said going on a road trip, you are correct sir. After attending a fab wedding last Saturday in Albuquerque, my boyfriend and I are goin’ on a little road trip through different parts of New Mexico… that’s the plan anyway. In honor of this grand adventure, I thought I’d share all of my faaaavorite road trip stuff with you.

road trip roundup by artsocial

1. Friends, laughs, cruisin’ along with the radio bumpin’, road trips are F-U-N… unless you’re in a horror movie.

2. The open road. There’s something so calming about taking long drives. I love looking out at the scenery, contemplating the journey ahead, and letting go of the day-to-day… it’s as if just because I’m going somewhere, I’ll be learning something. That’s exciting.

3. You can’t have a road trip without awesome tasty beverages to drink along the way! Gotta stay hydrated… might as well indulge in a green tea frappuccino, yes?

4. Speaking of indulging, road trips are always a great excuse to eat allll of the things I normally never eat. Fries? Fried chicken sandwiches? Well there’s nothing else to eat out here, I have to eat fast food.

5. I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE staying at hotels – especially if they have a pool. I don’t even get in the pool necessarily – in fact, I rarely do. I don’t want to do my hair again, ya feel me? Just knowing there’s a wonderful, glistening pool that I can use at anytime makes me feel very abundant. Weird, I know.

6. One of my favorite parts of road tripping is stopping at random diners. I think it’s because it reminds me of being in a movie… important scenes always seem to take place in diners. There will be a confrontation or an awakening or some crazy plot twist… plus there’s pie.

7. Hands down the best part of the road trip: the adventure. Not knowing what you’ll see, where you’ll eat, who you’ll come across? Now that’s the good stuff.

What do youuu love about road trips?

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Fall is here and I am thrilled! Bring on the pumpkins, spices, and cozy clothes! Erin from artsocial is here with us sharing her favorite things about this time of year and I’m over at artsocial today sharing mine!

Well hello again! So happy to be back for round two of the IN LOVE series… this time we’re focusing on all of those autumnal goodies that make it easier to say adios to summer and helllooo to fall.

in love fall roundup by artsocial

1. Fall in Colorado is pretty magical. The trees turn gorgeous colors and there’s a crisp smell to the air that reminds me of fall activities – going back to school, picking out pumpkins, walking through crunchy leaves. You can really feel the seasons change here in Denver.

2. Jackets!! The crisp fall air means – hallelujah! – it’s jacket season. Wearing a jacket or blazer makes me feel instantly cute + professional and ready for my day… one time I put a blazer on over my pajamas for a Skype meeting. Totally rocked it. The blazer meant business and they were none the wiser to my old pajama bottoms.

3. One of my favorite fall activities is baking. Chocolate chip pumpkin bread is my specialty. OH yeah.

4. My second favorite fall activity is drinking warm beverages (that’s a legit fall activity, right?). I’ve never tried it, but I’m pretty intrigued by this earl grey hot chocolate… what do you think? Yay or nay?

5. I get cold easily. Fall is the best excuse ever to be cozy (and much better than winter when I’m required to wear my marshmallow man winter coat to survive… not cute). Blankets! Scarves! Sweaters! Bring it on… chances are I’m probably a little chilly right now. I’m that girl who carries a cardigan with her EVERYWHERE just in case.

6. Oh I love these Madewell boots. They need to be on ma feets… and I won’t take them off till spring thaw.

7. Oh Alby, you’re so wise. When the seasons change I become extra reflective about where I’ve been and where I’m going… What was I doing last year at this time? What do I want to be doing next fall? The beginning of a new season is like a tabula rasa, a fresh start, a chance to leave behind the things that aren’t working and focus on the things you do want. What are you imagining for yourself this fall?

See you next week, friends!

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