Thanks for taking the time to check out bedsidesign!

Established in January 2012 bedsidesign is a blog about promoting inspiration. Currently sponsorship/blog button swapping is FREE! If you are interested in sponsoring or button swapping please contact me by email bedsidesign [at] gmail [dot] com

I am also interested in product reviews, collaborations [guest posting] and giveaways!

Sizing: Please make your buttons or sponsor ads 200 x 2oo pixels. If you need a specific sized button for your blog please email me with your specs. Currently I have 3 blog button options:


Retro: bedsidesign button

Ombré Confetti:

Ombré Confetti: bedsidesign blog button

Christie Jones (that’s me):

christie jones - bedsidesign blog button

Details: Currently accepting sponsors and blog button swaps. I will keep your button up for a minimum of 1 month (approximately 30 days). I will notify you before removing your button. Please also allow 1 business day for your button to be placed on my blog.

Let’s inspire each other!

Filled in with a guest post at Pretty & Fun.

Guest blogger on Mondays on artsocial!



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