Christie Jones loves writing, sharing tips through blogging, freshly brewed coffee and design. Like so many other creative people, she often thinks of the best things while laying in bed, hence the name of her blog: bedside + design.
When she is not scouring Pinterest, avidly digesting other design blogs, or playing her Yamaha keyboard, she works for a letterpress printing company. She moved to Syracuse, NY from Long Island in December 2010 when she married her best friend Ian, a free-lance photographer who takes a majority of the photos featured on this site.
A believer that beauty and design are often hidden in plain sight, she decided to share what inspires her through this blog in January 2012. She is currently in the process of courses for Interior Design.
Random Fact:
Christie does not have a middle name – her full first name is actually Christie lynn but her maiden name was so long [Cafariella] that she preferred Christie to keep things simple.
What is on her bedside table?
Christie has a set of Ikea LACK side tables in red. She has a white Ikea lamp, a gold chevron Smock box to hold random pieces of jewelry and hairties, a couple magazines [ Domino / Self ] and a candle.
Cue cutesy picture of The Joneses:
Here are some of my favorite posts if you are new to bedsidesign:
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  1. Valerie

    I miss you Christie Lynn Jones!!!! I made homemade red lentil soup today! I made homemade corn muffins! I am home today and missing your beautiful smile and funny ways!!! Your presence can brighten up any room you are in!!!! I love you! Your mom

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