IN LOVE: “Hipster” Christmas!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday. Check out my facebook page to see the amazing turkey my brother [who is a chef] prepared. It was delicious. We had a quiet, stress-free, fancy adult dinner party with my two brothers. Four people = totally manageable and LOADS of leftovers!

As we ate dinner we watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation – a classic in our family. We quoted all the lines, laughed so hard that some of us cried [okay just me but whatevs]. We always loved Clark Griswold’s Moose Mugs and I was thrilled to see them for sale at Urban Outfitters. It also dawned on me that they would be ideal for a Hipster Christmas. Here’s a guide so have yourself, A Merry Hipster Christmas!

in love: hipster christmas by bedsidesignone: It would not be a party without Clark’s Moose Mugs – the inspiration behind this Hipster Christmas party. Now all you need is some spiked eggnog.

two: Last year we hosted an ugly sweater party right after Thanksgiving. It was hysterical. Awful felted Christmas tree zippers, shoulder pads fit for a linebacker, and sequins, sparkles, and knitted Christmas carollers galore! This is a book all about rockin’ an ugly knit.

three: The perfect Christmas ornament throwback.

four: Home Alone – how you’ve warmed our hearts and filled our vocab with amazingly ridiculous quotes. This t-shirt is on my wish list.

five: All hipsters believe they are ballers. What better way to wrap their present with some rappin’ wrapping? Get it? Okay I’m done.

six: “FRAGILE! MUST BE IMPORTED!” The leg lamp. Iconic, ridiculous and a perfectly horrible light fixture that will be the center of the party.

Would you ever throw a Hipster Christmas Party?

Erin’s got her fave artsy items on artsocial today. Oh and if you want to pin these individual items head on over to our pinterest!




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