I’ve hinted here and there that I gravitate towards a more minimalistic design style. I love extremely simplistic artwork, especially in a black, white, and gray color palette. As my design, fashion, and interior styles start to morph [and merge] I find myself honing in on classic and clean statement pieces. Does that happen to any of you? These modern, abstract paintings and prints are my favsies.
modern minimal abstract artwork

[ one | two | three | four | five | six ]

What’s your art style preference? Another art lover is artsocial. See what Erin’s dishing out this week. Check out the IN LOVE pins.



    • bedsidesign

      YES! Kate, I’m literally re-evaluating all the art in our apartment right now. I think I want to gravitate towards just blacks & whites. All of our walls are white anyways…hmmm decisions decisions.

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