DIY: 2013 Geometric Calendar

Before we know it 2013 will be here. In an effort to be prepared for the new year I would like to share a simple & quick [took me all of 10 minutes] DIY geometric calendar. We are working on our office and I’m sticking with a black and white theme with metallic accessories. I fell in love with this 2013 printable calendar from Natasha Mileshina‘s etsy shop. The first step would be to purchase the calendar.
geometric 2013 calendarOnce you have the calendar you can print it out. You will also need to gather some supplies.

supplies to make a DIY calendar

Cut the calendar months into the size that you would like. Use the ruler to keep your cuts straight. Secure the calendar month to the cardstock with strips of electrical tape [washi tape will work too]. I wanted the tape to look a bit more thrown on together but you can use precise pieces if that’s more your style. Use both sides of the cardstock to conserve paper. I put Jan/Feb on one, March/April on another and so on.

DIY geometric calendar

Look at all the shapes! Once you tape all your months together use your lil binder clip to fasten them together. Behold:

DIY geometric calendarIt is as simple as that! 2013 you lookin’ so fly!

P.S. If you make one I would LOVEEE to see it.



  1. Stacey

    Hey girl! I printed this out from AMM (a merry mishap) blog. Love how cool and simple it is. It’s hanging in my office at work. Unfortunately I didn’t get as creative as you… mine’s just on a simple string. Looks FLY, indeed! :-)

  2. Lisa // Elembee

    How fun! I always start the year with good intentions for a calendar, but then I forget to change the months halfway through the year. Or, in this year’s case, I move and just never hang it back up.

    • bedsidesign

      Lisa, I’m the same way! That’s why I was trying to be a bit more intentional about it this year. We have a whiteboard calendar in the kitchen that has all our random schedule stuff. This one is going in the office as more of an art piece, I think I’ll have better luck with it that way!

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