A Little Soul-Searching: Refocus

When I created the monthly goals for my happiness project I didn’t realize how much of November would be spent “soul-searching”. Before I launched this blog I brainstormed names, design concepts, blog content and thought about the type of blog that I wanted to produce. I’ll admit, in the beginning I had no idea what I was doing. I knew the general things – like how to create a post, take and edit some photos and thankfully knew my way around social media. What I didn’t know was how to produce content on a steady basis, whether anyone would even read my blog, and where it would take me. All I  had was an idea of inspiring others and I ran [or in reality crawled] with it.

Saturday was the “Finding Your Blog’s Voice” topic for Blog Brunch. This couldn’t have come at a better time. It always makes me happy to connect with people pursuing their passions [hello Be Happy linkup peeps!]. It is great to be inspired by others. I’ve also realized where I may fit in this great big blogging world. I’m not a fashion expert, an interior designer, a high rolla blogger with a huge wallet [more on this soon], someone who lives on the west coast [lucky you if you do!] or in Manhattan or Brooklyn. I’m not overly girly, but I love to paint my nails and wear sparkles. I am a tattooed lover of minimalist design [be it letterpress or interiors] who has to work a day-job. I desperately want to cultivate a place to share what inspires me and hear what inspires you. Is that okay? Will you journey with me?

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  1. alyssa bacon-liu (@alyssabaconliu)

    Yes us West Coasters are lucky :)
    Isn’t it crazy how blogging can become a journey all its own? You start out with your baby blog and I remember getting excited if 20 people read a post! My blog was a hot mess when I first started and I didn’t take it very seriously. But it was still MINE and it was my voice in my little space of the internet and that’s what makes it special. I’m not an expert on anything except being me which means I’ll always have something to say :)

  2. Sandra

    And this west coaster misses the east coast! I miss the buzz and the energy. Grass is greener and all that.

    Yes, yes and yes. When I started blogging I too had this vague idea of what I wanted it to be. And then over time it gets refined – you see what works and what doesn’t. What interests you and what bores you.

    I loved your list of what you aren’t – I could write that same list! Hah! Mine would include people who can make those REALLY cool collages of clothes or accessories. Or the coolio graphics that Erin does.

    This – this is priceless: “I desperately want to cultivate a place to share what inspires me and hear what inspires you.” Sounds good to me. I know I’ll be reading…

    • bedsidesign

      Thanks so much Sandra! Yeah, I think I’m going to keep the list of what I am not to inspire me and let me know what I am. I’m so glad that you will continue to read! xo

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