I’m so excited to start sharing the things that I am IN LOVE with directly with y’all. It was a total blast collaborating with Erin from artsocial. I encourage you to check out her bloggy, she’s sharing some sparkly goodness today.

I’m in the market for a new pair of spectacles. Ian purchased a pair of Warby Parker glasses about a year ago and they are still my favorite. Not only do they create amazing designer styles but their mission instantly sets them at the top of my preferred list. For every pair of glasses purchased they provide a pair to someone in need. I can totally get down with that. Behold, my top picks [honestly this was so hard because all of their styles are awesome]:

Winston: They had me at straight browline. These are by far my favorite. I’m desperate to try them on. Oh, did you know they offer home try on program?

Begley: I think the Begley is beggin’ for me to try them out. What do you think?

Fillmore – Tennessee Whiskey: Okay, these glasses are so sweet. I’m definitely IN LOVE with these bad-boys. They totally remind me of something Bondurant brothers from Lawless would wear.

Fillmore -Hazelwood: A little more feminine, I love the coloring in these.

Waldo: Where would we be without Waldo? I love the nostalgia behind these rims. It’s okay to be a little bit nerdy.

Benson: Minimalistic, clean-cut, and to the point. These frames are on point.

Miles: Maybe I’m drawn to these specs because my friends are planning on naming their baby Miles, or maybe it is because they are stylish but not over the top. Either way, they look pretty classy.

Everett: For when I want to feel like a diva but look like a rock star.

What is your favorite style? I need to narrow it down to 5 to try on. Which ones do you think I should try?

Feel free to follow the IN LOVE pinterest to see what I’m falling in love with next.



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