November: R – B – R

Happy November! November means a fresh new month for me to explore my Happiness Project plans. [Community is still on my mind] To be honest I got a little ahead of myself and already started in October. Now I have 1 whole month to dedicate my time to what I’m calling: R – B – R

[original photo by Ian Jones]

So what does that mean?

Refocus: I’ve learned a ton over the past 11 months of consistent blogging. Sometimes when you are in the middle of blogging you just keep going and don’t have time to look back on your previous content. This month I’m going to spend some time looking at my favorite posts, posts bombed, series that need to be tweaked, and where I would like to take bedsidesign in 2013. Before I get into the new year I want to make sure I have a clear vision.

Branding: Along with gaining vision I want the vision of bedsidesign to be clear. I will be launching some new offerings at the end of December and I want to make sure that branding is all squared away. The thought originally seemed odd to “create a brand” but now I know it is essential. This will also flow into the next point.

Redesign: Now this is what I am seriously pumped about. I’m in the middle of creating color palettes, a new logo, some great social media buttons/options, and a new blog layout, as well as making the change from to – I’m growin’ up! I am doing this all through Gab White‘s Web DIY Workshop. Her tutorials are great and I’m totally enjoying myself. A lot of my energy for the month is going into this project. The good thing is all of this really does make me happy, and I think it will make my blog happier, since it will be more Christie. Follow along with what’s inspiring me!

What are you working on for November? Please do me a favor and answer this simple question by leaving me a comment:

What color options do you gravitate to?

Option 1: black / white / gray / pop of color

Option 2: monochromatic pinks

Option 3: black / white / tan / coral

Don’t forget that this is a linkup!



  1. Gab

    I love option 4 for colourways, but I’m also pretty into number 1 as a classic look. Thanks so much for the shoutout, Christie! I’m glad it’s going well for you!

  2. Stacey

    I’m excited for you Christie! The self-hosting route is so freeing and I always feel great knowing that I can do WHATEVER I want with my blog. Good luck with it all. It sounds like you’ve got everything planned out so well. EXCITING!

  3. Brittany

    This month, I will be teaching my very first online workshop: Illustrator for Bloggers. I’m so excited! I agree with Stacey, I love being able to do whatever I want with my website whenever I want. It’s great! As far as the colors go, black, white, tan and coral get my vote! Lovely.

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