YAY – It’s a clean slate, a brand-spankin’ new week! I’m over at artsocial today talkin’ about my favorite fall trend, graphic sweaters! Yes, that’s right they are totally “in” right now and I am loving it. 

Erin from artsocial, y’all, back with some things I’m IN LOVE with… this time we’re talkin’ fall trends. Well one fall trend in particular: Peter Pan collars!! While you can buy a shirt, sweater, or dress with a Peter Pan collar built in, you can also get a Peter Pan collar NECKLACE. This means outfits old and new can be adorned with this extra bit of awesomeness. Lovin’ this trend, friends… like maybe too much. I’m obsessed.


1. Classic Peter Pan Collar – that which the rest of these gems are based on… but the following collar def take things up a notch. A big notch.

2. Sacred Fox delicate collar necklace… also known as my absolute FAVE. I love this simple take on the Peter Pan collar. Very very contemporary. I need it on ma neck.

3. Dorothy Perkins chain collar. This collar had me at “cream ribbon detail.” Perfect for a holiday party outfit, don’t you think?

4. ASOS rounded collar necklace. Ok this one would totally add new life to my sweaters… and in Colorado we’ve officially entered sweater season. Added to cart.

5. Kenneth Cole New York necklace. Kenneth, you sure know how to make a rad collar necklace. High five.

6. Bottica black sequin collar. Sequins can easily enter cheap/costume territory… but not this sequined beauty. I think this collar’s territory is fancy and/or shmancy.

7. People Tree Peter Pan collar. A) love this necklace. B) love this brand. People Tree’s clothing and accessories are eco-friendly – fashion with a conscience if you will. For example, this necklace is made from lead and nickel-free, fair trade certified, silver-plated brass. Hat tip to you, People Tree.

What do you think? Would you rock one of these necklaces?

Isn’t Erin great? Find her over here: Twitter +  Facebook + Pinterest + Instagram and if you want to follow along with our IN LOVE series as we are inspired check out our Pinterest.



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