Local Community + Happiness

This month I am focusing on community. During the planning process of my own personal happiness project I knew I wanted to start out with something I already found passion in. When I am passionate about something it fuels me. Since Gretchen started her first month trying to emphasize energy I thought about where I find energy. What gets me all giddy and ready to jump out of bed in the morning? Community: personally [the network of family, friends and work], locally, and my blogging community. I’m getting pretty pumped because this coming week is jam-packed with local Syracuse goodness. First up: The 4th Annual Salt Market!

Syracuse Salt Market When I visited Craft Chemistry Briana told me about the Salt Market. I knew I could trust her suggestion because I already found a pair of dainty, vintage earrings and a cool typographic map print of Syracuse at her shop. Orignal/Independent local artists + live music + food from some of my faveee local eateries? Count me in! I love meeting new creative people and I love the city of Syracuse. Combining these brings me a whole lotta happiness. Just wait… it gets even better: I have friends that are going too! Sara from Beautifully Contained [she showcases her amazing DIY craftiness with you bedsidesigners monthly, plus check out her awesome finds at Craft Chemistry] and Variya [my go-to jewelry friend: remember she made my wedding bling?] are attending. I can only imagine how awesome it is going to be. If you are a local reader you definitely do not want to miss this.

Along with the Salt Market next Thursday night I am also attending a local blogger meet-up. I’m so excited to go to Al’s, a swanky wine and whiskey lounge to meet some local bloggy friends. But more on that soon!

How have you reached out to your local community? I would love to hear your stories and any suggestions! As always, remember that this is a happiness linkup and welcomed to join!

be happy



  1. sandrat212

    Community is a BIG thing for me having moved back to Vancouver last year after being away for 10 years. Slowly but surely I am reaching out to local bloggers and also the local photography community. It just takes time.

    Having a six year old in grade 2 helps as I can meet a few other moms at her school. But that isn’t the TOTAL solution as just because we’ve all reproduced doesn’t mean that we all have a ton in common!

    I’m a little bit more on the introverted side of things but I still get a charge from the banter of being around people. That’s why I love twitter so much!

  2. Louise Edu (@Laid_Off_Mom)

    I need to go to a Farmer’s Market STAT! Our weekends have been so busy w/ the girls’ ballet & soccer, I haven’t had a chance to go..to stroll around. And I’m all for community too, and think yer doing an awesome job meeting up with other blogging peeps! I actually started a meetup group here in SD: Laid Off Mom of course! I had one meeting in the summer, and i have yet to do the next one! hehe Totally thinking about when I should do it! I just get too shy sometimes =/ Wish you were closer, I’d totally meet up with you!

    • bedsidesign

      Awe I’m a huge farmer’s market fan. I wish we were closer too so we could meet up and go shopping together too. I get shy at first but then I realized sometimes you just have to put yourself out there. Did you have a positive experience when you met up with people locally?

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