Today we have a treat! We are talking about parties and this is a topic that I certainly love. After hosting 15 people for Thanksgiving last year I have an itch to plan a holiday dinner party. We don’t have the space to host 15 people now so I’m trying to create an intimate setting and heavily focus on the decor. I’m sharing my party inspiration over at artsocial– think metallics, organic centerpieces and exposed wood. I’m all for mixing styles.

Erin from artsocial back for another round of IN LOVE! Wow, guys. Are the holidays already coming up?? My friends, family, and every store you enter seem to think so… my favorite thing about this time of year? All of the wonderful parties that bring everyone together.

this is part of the in love series by artsocial and bedsidesign

1. Balloons! Well of course my favorite thing about holiday parties – or any parties for that matter – are balloon decorations. I mean they’re what make it a party, yes? Put some balloons in a room. Boom. Party. These epic balloons from Geronimo Balloons should just come live at my house… like all year round.

2. Finger food. So it goes: #1 favorite thing about parties: balloons. #2 favorite thing: delicious, individually-sized snacks. Cute mini donuts need to be at my holiday parties this year. Period.

3. Party pants. Everyone has a pair of party pants, right? Ok they may not be suuuuper short and have sequins on them, but they’re those special pair of pants that make you feel so hawt. Holiday parties give you the opportunity to dress up, wear those party pants, and really sparkle + shine.

4. Gathering. The best part of holiday parties? The bringing-people-together part. Just think of all the people in your life you only see around the holidays… celebrating family and friends, that’s the good stuff. (photo by Anabela Carneiro)

5. Creative decorations. Oh holiday party decor!! No matter what holiday decorations you choose to put up or how elaborate you choose to make them, they always make it feel like the holidays. It’s not Halloween until there’s a pumpkin on the doorstep, and it’s not Christmas until there’s a tree in the living room. Those are the rules, guys. I didn’t write them.

6. Party dranks. I’m a big fan of fun holiday cocktails that capture the taste of the season… or that have tinsel drink stirrers. Either/or.

7. Get out the good stuff. The holidays are for celebrating. Bust out your party pants and fine china. Can you imagine eating off of this bejeweled plate? It’d make my green bean casserole look real good.

Happy holiday party planning, friends!

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