My Happiness Project

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Today I am publicly sharing my happiness project. Between reading The Happiness Project and linking up every Thursday I knew I wanted to take it one step further. Since everyone’s happiness project is different, my happiness project is going to be aimed toward this blog! Blogging brings me so much joy, so why not?! After a lot of planning I came up with my 12 resolutions I am so thrilled to share them with you:

October: Community: reaching out locally + online

November: Refocus / branding / redesign

December: Ch- ch – changes! bedsidesign launches as a self-hosted blog with paid sponsorships! Wooohoo! + Celebrate 1 year of blogging

January: Focus on social media outlets

February: Love for brands, bloggers, all around L-O-V-E

March: Take risks

April: Add a new staging/styling series

May: Work on a media kit

June: Look for new collaborations with brands/guest posting opportunities

July: Celebrate the progress – reader survey time!

August: Link-up with one of the blogs on my “list” of blogs that I love

September: Learn: sign up for a blog conference/class

October: Rinse, re-evaluate, repeat?

and my 12 commandments

I’m extremely excited for the next few months because a lot of changes are in the works. When I started this blog I was unsure about ads, and the self-hosted world. Now I am ready take that big leap. Thankfully I found the best route for bedsidesign and will be implementing those changes soon! What does that means for you bedsidesigners? Well for starters I won’t be limited like I am now with the templates that I have access to. I will have way more freedom to make this blog really me, and hopefully that makes it a better viewing experience. users: I will be reminding you that starting in December you will need to visit instead of viewing through the reader. I hope you will follow me on there! More changes too but I’d like to keep some as a surprise!

Thanks for following me on this journey. I hope to share what I learn along the way. If you are a blogger feel free to join the link-up too! The more the merrier!



    • bedsidesign

      A. Please do! I would love to see yours!
      B. Since Photoshop or Illustrator is not in my current budget I use Pixelmator ( it is an extremely affordable Photoshop like program only $14.99! Maybe I’ll do a post about it since I seem to have a lot of people asking me about it. I pretty much use it for all of my graphics. :)

  1. Sandra

    Love the commandments and need to do my own SOON! And the monthly themes – I thrive with the accountability and the focus that would provide.

    I know a few bloggers who have been such an example to me in terms of generosity – with their RT’s, comments, and time. I sooo appreciate it. You know, there’s enough success to go around. And the community that results is great.

    • bedsidesign

      Thanks Sandra! I was debating whether to make them public or not, but I figured the extra push could only help me stick with them. I was just talking to a friend today about how warm the blogging community is and how initially that was a shock for me. I love being pleasantly surprised!

  2. Kristin B

    Love that you have such clear goals for yourself and the future of your blog! I’m currently in that directionless phase, so I commend you on knowing what you want and where you want to go and moving towards that. Best wishes!
    And yay making the jump to “real” WordPress. ;) You’ll LOOOOVE it.

    • bedsidesign

      Thanks Kristin! I was a little scared at first but now I’m getting pumped. Even though you may be in a directionless phase I still LOVE your blog [not just saying that, I really do!] I know I’m going to love real WP, haha just had to muster up the courage to really go for it!

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  7. alyssa bacon-liu (@alyssabaconliu)

    So excited to witness you go through your blogging Happiness Project! So excited for things to come!

    And your 12 Commandments are SO great. I especially like “Don’t hoard the inspiration – share the wealth.” That is such a good one to keep in mind, especially in the sometimes competitive blogging world. We’re at our best when we’re helping others learn, grow, and become inspired :)

    • bedsidesign

      Thanks Alyssa! I’m pretty pumped! I’m glad you like my commandments (took me forever to nail them down). The hoarding thing is something that I have to remind myself about – I’d rather inspire others than have things stockpiled all for myself.

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