The Happiness Project: Week 4

I’m more than halfway through reading The Happiness Project. I’m trying to keep track of all the amazing things I am learning as I read. Whenever I read a profound quote or have an idea I jot it down. As I am trying to get to the bottom of what really makes me happy this quote stands out:

“I have an idea of who I wish I were, and that obscures my understanding of who I actually am.”

be yourself society 6 print

[Be Yourself print by Rachel Burbee]

As I am evaluating what makes me “me” I’m trying to be realistic. I’m taking a closer look at what I think makes me happy. I find it easier saying what I think should make me happy vs. what actually does. What are the things that make you happy?

I’m getting closer to putting together the ideas and things that I want to work on for my own happiness project, and that in itself is making me happy. In the meantime, I am totally enjoying hearing the things that others are learning and working through. Since this is a bloghop, please feel free to join or check out what the others are saying about happiness!

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  1. sandrat212

    Ah yes, what REALLY makes me happy rather than what SHOULD make me happy. Doesn’t she mention that she SHOULD like live music but just doesn’t? I have spent so MUCH time, too much time, with those “shoulds”. It really goes hand-in-hand with “be Sandra” – do what really makes me happy no matter what it is.

    And you know, having the blogging thingy is great because no matter what that thing is, you’ll find your tribe.

  2. Gab

    It’s so amazing what can happen when you re-evaluate what’s making you happy versus what should make you happy. It’s something I try to do regularly and it’s a pretty refreshing result every time.

  3. Erin

    SUCH a great quote!! I’ve been going through this too… even on Pinterest, I think to myself “do I really like this or think I should like it because of a, b, and c.” Asking questions like that has helped me start to develop what MY style really is… I haven’t fully figured it out yet, but I’m gettin there :) our IN LOVE series has been a great help in figuring out what my style is. Hooray for collaborations!

    • bedsidesign

      Erin, I feel the same way! I’ve always thought I should like certain things but now that I’m getting old and not taking myself so seriously I’m re-evaluating everything and it’s great! I love how our series has helped me narrow what I really like!

  4. Trina D. Lambert

    I am sooooooooo “happy” that you featured this book! I’ve been going back and forth about buying, but you helped me make up my mind. It sounds great and I can’t wait to read it now. Thanks!

    • bedsidesign

      That’s awesome! I’m trying to keep my copy looking fresh since a friend wants to borrow it when I’m done but I have a notebook that is filled with all these wonderful quotes, tips, and ideas!

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