The Happiness Project: Week 3

Well kids this week my copy of The Happiness Project came! I dove right in and all the praise is well deserved. I’m really enjoying it. I’m equally loving this link up so if you are a blogger you should seriously consider joining!

be happy linkup by artsocial

Even though I just started the book it doesn’t mean that I have to wait until I’m done reading to be happy! So often I feel like people [myself included!] procrastinate on happiness because they are waiting for a special timeframe when life is easier and it’ll just miraculously fit into their schedule. Believe me, we’ll all be waiting a very long time! I love this quote by Walt Whitman about happiness. There’s nothing wrong with planning but if you are so busy always planning your life you’ll miss it.

walt whitman quote by christie jones

My mom called yesterday and the topic of happiness came up. She was asking me what would make me happy?

It’s great because I feel like I’m in a really positive place. I’ve been stepping out in ways that I haven’t before. I am intentionally working towards certain goals. I think if I was in a negative place I would be quicker to make irrational and unrealistic goals. I think personality also plays a key role in all of this, and I loved this post on the Alt blog about the 12 most striking tendencies of creative people. I think my favorite was #12 – Aren’t Alone. Through this linkup and other blogging networks I’m finally feeling like I’m not alone is this big blogging world, and that makes me happy.


One place that I would love to network and meet other awesome creative people is at Alt. I’ve followed Alt for a while and always wanted to go. By the time I realized they would be in NY they were sold out…bummer. I’m hopinggggg [pretty please with cherries on top!] that I win this free ticket because that would seriously make me HAPPY! For blogging inspiration and business advice check out the new Alt blog.

Click here to enter OR enter through artsocial’s linkup.



  1. Emily @ Adventures of a Dog Mom

    I’m one of those planners and my hubby always tells me that life will pass me by if I don’t stop planning. He’s right, you’re right and I’m working on it.

    Speaking of happy, I’ve got a post that I think is going to make you happy, it will be up tomorrow morning.

  2. rita

    agreed! this linkup has been great b/c it’s introduced me to so many new blogs and i feel such a bigger sense of community, which is what i was looking for when i started blogging in the first place! great post, christie!

  3. mskristiina

    I read that post on Alt as well, loved it! I totally agree with you, my favorite part about blogging is community and getting to know new people. Most of my longtime friends are married and having kids now and don’t seem to have time for those of us who are unwed. It’s been a real struggle to find new female friends but blogging has really helped me fill some of that void.

    I’m so grateful for the bloghop and the chance to get to know you!

    • bedsidesign

      Awe thanks for sharing! I know what you mean – I moved in 2010 so even though it’s been 2 years here I’m still developing new friends. Plus blogging can get lonely and it’s a nice reminder to know we are not alone. So glad to get the chance to get to know you as well. :)

  4. Sandra

    I went to ALT last January – it was my FIRST bloggy conference thingy and I knew NO ONE. I had barely started blogging and just dove in. Yikes – that was me standing on the sidelines. And tiptoeing into groups and chatting. It has been wonderful – the community that started there and then expanded since then online (and through some real life meet-ups) has been so worth it.

    I am thinking about what you wrote about how if you were in a negative place, that your goals would have been unrealistic and irrational. I had never thought about that before – but it makes sense. When you are in a negative space, you can either freeze or just try and make the “change it all at once” goals that’ll never come to fruition. I’ll be pondering this more!

    And BTW, meeting new people and blogs through this link up has been fab.

    • bedsidesign

      Oh that’s so cool that you went to ALT! I’m dying to go, we’ll see! I just know that I’m one of those people that will try to change everything overnight if I’m not in a clear-minded place. I’m so glad we met through this linkup. :)

  5. Erin

    Such a great post, Christie!! I love that Walt Whitman quote. I am srsly crossing my fingers, toes, arms, everything for you, getting that free Alt ticket would be so awesome. I would love to meet you!! That would make me a happy blogger :)

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