Local Peek: Witty Wicks

I love Syracuse like whoa!

One of the reasons is because of the amazingly eclectic and talented people who are all doing what they love. I’ve been searching for soy candles for quite some time. I am always blown away by how expensive they are and how most of the time they don’t smell like anything. I overheard that someone sold handmade soy candles at the Regional Market in Syracuse. I figured I would check it out [ and so I dragged Ian there last weekend. Spilled a milkshake all over me on the way there getting milk in my hair and all down my silk shirt. By the time we got to the market it started to torrential downpour. Needless to say we were drenched and I said bye-bye to my straightened hair].

Witty Wicks receives my “bedsidesign” stamp of approval. I wish that technology was further advanced so that there were scratch n’ sniff blogs – okay that’s kinda weird but seriously, these candles are where it’s at! They smell amazing, look super cute and burn beautifully. My apartment totally smells like fall with these lil suckers lit. Aubrey the owner was nice enough to answer some questions and shares how she got started with soy candles!

witty wicks soy based candles syracuse ny
bedsidesign: How did you get started making soy candles?

Aubrey: I decided to make candles and started out with traditional paraffin wax. I spent about two hours melting the wax and pouring a few candles. At the end of two hours I had a terrible headache, my stomach hurt and I had spilled wax all over my kitchen. I threw out the big block of wax I had left, threw out the pan I had used and went to bed. The next day I started searching for alternatives. I figured if just making the candles was giving me a headache and a stomach ache I certainly could not sell them to anyone. So I researched the wax options and the scent options and came up with a great combo! Soy Wax and Essential Oils. The Candles don’t release any toxins or chemicals into the air so no headaches!! You wont get any black on your walls or ceiling either, big bonus.

bedsidesign: Can the glass be reused? Can the glass be returned to have you reuse it for new candles?
Aubrey: You sure can! I will take back the Large round or Large Square jars and give you a Dollar off your next purchase. One of the great things about the Soy Wax is that it cleans up so easily. When you are done burning your candle you can soak it in hot water and clean the jar out. The labels come off and you are able to reuse the jars.

bedsidesign: What’s your favorite thing to do in your city (or about your city)?

Aubrey: In my former life I worked as a professional actor. After being swept off my feet by my now husband while living in NYC we returned to Syracuse to raise a family. I am so grateful that our city has a thriving theater community. I am able to fulfill my passion for the stage while still being a mom and an entrepreneur. I love attending and performing in local theater. I am a proud board member for Rarely Done Productions a wonderful local Black Box theater.

apple soy candle by witty wicks in syracuse ny

bedsidesign: Can you share a recent favorite read or find?
Aubrey: I am in the process of moving and building a new home and I stumbled across this blog/website http://thejoyfulorganizer.com/ I not only love all of the packing ideas but just the organizing ideas are amazing. I am a little bit of a neat freak so this site just sings to that part of me.

bedsidesign: What is on your bedside table?
Aubrey: I keep my kids baby books on my bedside table that way if they have done something memorable I can write it down. I was slacking on the updates so about a year ago I put their books in my nightstand drawer and I am happy to say their books are all up to date!

bedsidesign: What are five things you couldn’t live without?
My Family
Alone Time, even if it’s spent locked in the bathroom.
Morning walk/jog with my neighbor
The ability to perform in local theater and be creative

pumpkin soy candle by witty wicks syracuse ny

Witty Wicks is located at Shed E every Saturday at the Regional Market. If you are in Syracuse I suggest stopping by!



  1. Melissa Paz

    Big fan of Witty Wicks! They smell wonderful and burn beautifully. I have purchased them for myself, for family members and as gifts for my daughters school teacher. I’m always so happy to share this quality, locally made product!

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