Architecture Lust: The Prefab of my Dreams

I know what you are probably thinking – prefab? Gross! Well, this isn’t your typical prefab. You many remember that my dream home is made from shipping containers. In my head I picture a two-story house made from 4 to 5 shipping containers. The top floor will have two decks (made from recycled materials), one for family use and one attached to the master bedroom (for sipping wine on a romantic night). One of the decks will provide coverage for a backyard patio and the other will cover the front door entrance. Sound too good to be true? Imagine my shock when I came across this prefab:

This is an image of West Coast Green Prefab Harbinger home

It is my dream home! But wait, it gets even better. As if a digital image wasn’t enough…drumroll please…constructed in less than 5 hours…

This is a harbinger prefab home made from shipping containersThis is an image of a Harbinger Prefab homeThis is an image of a Harbinger Prefab home

What do you think? Would you ever want to live in a place like this? Read more about it here & here.



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