The HUMP: Part 21 – To The Moon & Back

I love when people express their feelings. I would like to consider myself a very communicative person in my relationships, work, and life. I think verbal communication is wonderful, but there is something so unique about reading a love letter, or getting a text message or email. It amazes me that works evoke feelings and feelings stir you to act. I think that’s just one of the reasons why I love typographic prints. They can silently communicate something so strong and they are a snapshot of an expression that doesn’t change. Today I have Erica Stevens of Sydney and Company sharing her “To The Moon & Back” print.

Love you to the moon & back print by Sydney N Company

You may recognize the font used – it’s one of my favorites and the font used in bedsidesign’s logo – it is Lobster 2. The artwork is a giclee print on premium quality fine art paper. Erica was kind enough to answer some questions!

bedsidesign: What’s your favorite thing to do in your city (or about your city)?
Erica: Right now Tucson is in the midst of monsoon season, with storms lighting up the sky throughout July and August. It’s fun to enjoy cocktails on the patio while watching a monsoon move in. 

bedsidesign: Why do you design?
Erica: I love finding design solutions. It’s not only something I love to do, but feel drawn to. I recently discovered typography designer Jessica Hische. I’m a huge fan of her work – keeps me inspired to create something that looks good, but also functions well.

bedsidesign: Can you share a recent favorite read or find (could be music, a blog etc.)?
Erica: I love the design and content on Very inspirational!

bedsidesign: What is on your bedside table?
Erica: On my bedside table I have my iPad (I’m addicted to my news feeds), a bird candle holder with a lavender votive (from Pier 1), and Korres Guava Lip Butter (a must-have in the dry, Arizona desert)!

bedsidesign: What are five things you couldn’t live without?
– my daughter Sydney (she’s 5)
– my iPad
– Creative Suite Design programs
– Pinkberry
– Trader Joe’s lavender salt scrub

Thanks so much Erica! Please check out Sydney and Company‘s other prints!

P.S. This post was so excited that it tried to be published yesterday!


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