Fake it ’til you make it! Puppy Fever!

I’m always jealous when I see the flood of pictures on Instagram of people and their pets. My super awesome pet is not very interactive. I feed him, clean his tank, and make sure he is still alive. That’s pretty much the extent of it. Recently I came down with a case of puppy fever. We moved to a complex that actually allows pets so every morning I see people strolling about with their dogs – it’s like a tease. But I guess at this stage of life it is better than baby fever.

My friends are out-of-town and they recently got a puppy. He’s adorable and well-trained so I jumped on the idea of puppy sitting. Since Saturday afternoon I’ve been acting like we now have a dog. I’ve also not so secretly been trying to treat this like a trial run. Can we really handle a puppy?

This is a picture of Patrick the puppy & Christie Jones of bedsidesign.

Well how could you say no to this face? Yes, I’m talking about mine not the puppy! What do you think? How has a pet changed your lives?

Also – I tried out this great head scarf tutorial by Keiko Lynn since I’m obsessed with the vintage scarf look but had no idea how to style my hair this way. It turned out to be so easy and I was able to get all my hair off of my neck!



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