The Summer Mix: Volume 1

This is the first summer that I am not going to make it to the Long Island beaches. I feel like a part of me is mourning – okay that’s a bit dramatic but summer is my favorite season. I love the sand, salt water, and sun. Since my dad was a clammer growing up [a fisherman for clams for those who may not know – I’ve been asked this more and more recently] I was raised on the water. Since I am thoroughly missing the ocean and all of its wonders I needed some music to transport me. Here’s an eclectic summer mix for you!

[Confession: The beach in the picture is not a Long Island beach – it is actually from Amelia Island in Florida where we visited on our honeymoon]

1. Summer Skin: Death Cab For Cutie

2. Girl Sailor: The Shins

3. Two Hearted River: Summer People

4. Into the Sea: As Cities Burn

5. Summer In The City: Regina Spektor

6. Four Winds: Bright Eyes

7. C’Mon C’Mon: The Von Bondies

8. Eyes Wide Open: Gotye




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