Prints + Patterns + Spaces: IKAT

I love a good ikat print. Ikat for those of you who may not know is created using a resist dyeing technique that uses binded fabric [similar to tie-dyeing]. Ikat is often translated “to bind”. Ikat prints are popping up everywhere and they can add a global feel to your home. Here are my 7 favorite ikat prints.

This is a roundup of Ikat items by bedsidesign.

[one: aphro chic shop | two: susy jack | three: 7100 islands | four: c wonder | five: artisan gems boutique | six: apartment therapy | seven: anthropologie ]

What do you think about the ikat craze?



  1. Niki, unifiedspace

    What a great collection of Ikats you have assembled. I absolutely love the plant holders, they are fab! I like the new wave Ikats (as opposed to the Ikats of the 80’s) as I like them in single colours rather than the multi which were more predominant in the 80’s. Have a great weekend.

    • bedsidesign

      Thanks so much Niki! When I saw the plant holders I couldn’t resist. They are too cute! I totally agree, I love the more modern Ikats, the 80s have their place but not with these prints. ;)

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