Color Emphasis: Soft Pink

Soft pink, blush and pale pinks are such timeless and romantic colors. Think elegant weddings, ballet recitals, and afternoon tea! For some reason even though I’m not a “I love pink” type of gal I still appreciate a stunning hue when I see one. The round-up below is in my opinion perfect for a dreamy garden party. Don’t forget your doilies!

This is part of the Color Emphasis series on bedsidesign showcasing soft pink.

[from left to right: the vintage treehouse | vintage lancaster | aritzia | the tie bar | toms | elsa peretti | essie | the secret garden |]



  1. Meenakshi

    Those macarons are gorgeous. Soft shades of pink do add a dreamy touch to the home, table or anywhere else. I have a set of glasses in that exact same blush-y shade!

  2. bedsidesign

    I know, I wish I could jump in and grab one of those macarons! I love that you have a set of glasses in that exact shade – so sophisticated. I just got a set in a light green color – vintage glasses are the way to go!

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