25 Wonderful Memories

Saturday is my birthday and I am turning the big twenty-five. For a while I thought that was old and now that I am there I have a new perspective. My mom was 25 when she had me [her second child] so that adds an interesting element to this year – sorry to disappoint no baby plans just yet. I’m embracing it and thankful for the life I’ve lived and the years ahead of me. This week I decided to share more of my personal experiences and things that make me well, me.

walking in syracuse

I created a list of 25 Wonderful Memories. I initially wanted to rank them, but I had a really hard time picking and choosing – so I didn’t. In no particular order [although the top 5 would definitely be my top 5]…drumroll please.

Kissing Ian Jones for the first time as his wife.

Saying “yes” to Ian when he proposed.

The day my little sister was born.

The day Ian asked me to be his girlfriend [he even got down on one knee].

Celebrating one of my birthday’s by seeing the Little Mermaid on Broadway.

Standing on the Great Wall of China while it was snowing [it looked like something from Narnia].

Travelling to so many places in 1 year [Hawaii, Japan, China, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, and Italy].

The day I got my puppy – miss you baby.

Celebrating my 18th birthday and graduation by going to see The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. My dad and I watched from the second row.Raoul dropped a pack of tic-tacs on the stage.

Dancing with all of our friends and family at our reception.

Moving into our first apartment [so many good and bad memories that I could write a book about it!].

Moving into our current apartment – we finally found a place to settle for a while. *sigh*

Swimming with sea turtles in Hawaii [on a weekly basis].

Our honeymoon to Jacksonville, Florida [another experience I could write a book about].

Hosting Thanksgiving in my own home with our family [15+ people!].

Hearing Ian’s singing voice for the first time. He sang “Hallelujah” by Jeff Buckley to me and I’m not gonna lie…I cried.

Coming home and collapsing on my lawn after my high school graduation. I stayed there for a while.

Getting tattooed – I’m lumping all my tattoo experiences into one – my ideas created and inked on my skin…crazy.

Seeing my mom follow her dreams by going back to college – I watched her finish her associates, bachelors, and master’s degrees. Go Mom!

Moving to Syracuse and being welcomed in by a wonderful community that I now call my family.

Taking Ian to see Thrice – his favorite band.

Finding “the dress” and seeing the look on my best friend’s face. I knew it was a keeper right then and there. I without a doubt knew when I saw my sister and mom’s faces too.

The day I realized that my migraine was gone [background: I suffered/suffer with migraines. The first time I ever had one it lasted for 3 months, no joke, no exaggeration. They tried everything and I was even hospitalized for it. Ian found a natural remedy and that was the thing that broke it].

Disney trips with my family – the first time because it was awesome for me – the second time because it was awesome for my little sister.

Pumpkin picking with Ian – we pretended we were married the whole day because our wedding bands finally came. We are nerds.

I definitely have enjoyed my life and I’m blessed to be surrounded by amazing family and friends. Just remember: you don’t have to wait until a birthday to be thankful. What are your wonderful memories?





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