The Kooks!

I can’t remember when I heard The Kooks the first time, maybe it was 17 Again, who knows. What I do know is that they stuck with me and this UK band is one of my favorites to listen to while I’m working.

What UK bands do you listen to?



  1. Stacey

    Love the Kooks! When I did an alternative radio show on Saturdays I played them quite often. They have a very unique sound. (really fun) As far as UK bands… so many…
    There’s the givens like Radiohead, The Stone Roses, Joy Division, Belle & Sebastian. I also like Foals, Block Party, Chem. Brothers, Bowie, P.J. Harvey and The Verve. Gosh.. there’s just too many… I’d take over your comment box! Obviously I LOVE MUSIC, (big shocker!). Always enjoy your music posts. Fun stuff. You got me to pull out a little Kooks this morning. Thanks, girl.

    • bedsidesign

      Stacey that’s great! I love Radiohead, Belle & Sebastian, Bloc Party, P.J. Harvey and The Verve! I’ll have to check out the other artists listed! I’m happy to hear that you LOVE music – I can’t imagine life without it. I’m glad that you are enjoying these posts – feel free to offer other musicians for me to highlight as well!

  2. originsunknown

    The kooks are indeed an amazing band to listen to! they are extremely creative. There’s a few covers they have done which are quite a treat to listen to.

    Radiohead and Joy Division are great, and so is Blur, the good, the bad and the Queen and Gorillaz (I’m a HUGE Damon Albarn fan). I also listen to the Heavy, Roxy Music, Portishead, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, Goldfrapp, the Klaxons, Basement Jaxx, Florence + the Machine, groover armada, Jamiroquai, Bat for Lashes, Mumford and Sons, zero 7, the ting tings, the xx and the cure. I tried to keep it to bands, and not indiviual artistes or DJs. :)

    • bedsidesign

      I agree – they are totally creative. I’ll have to check out their covers! I can see that you are a Damon Albarn fan – he’s a genius. I also like Florence + the Machine, & totally love Mumford and The Cure! Thanks so much for your input.

      • originsunknown

        No worries. I love music; it’s my first love. And I also love to share the bands I enjoy listening to with others, and finding out about what other people listen to as well. New finds, or old new finds, they all do it for me!

      • bedsidesign

        That’s great to hear. I’m making my Thursday posts focused on music. Feel free to suggest other bands I love listening to new tunes!

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