Color Emphasis: LIME

One of my favorite colors growing up was green, especially lime green! Apparently I’m just like my great grandmother (on the Italian side of the family) – she decorated in all black and white and threw in bursts of loud color (reds, greens, oranges)…sounds like my kind of lady! My family used to be shocked by my color choices (after nearly 25 years the shock has worn off, now it’s almost expected) and they would always attribute that to my great grandma. Actually all my great grandmothers sound like rockin’ women – and I still have one alive today (crazy – I know, she’s holding on at 97+ – we’re all not really sure how old she is…) more on her at a later time.

lime green roundup

[from left to right: bodum coffee grinder | bodum portable grill | links pillow | bistro chair | ac designs print | true modern night stand | sunflower glasswork coasters | chevron twill herringbone ribbon]

What do you think of lime green? I think it’s a great color that works for every season! I especially like it in the summer though, paired with orange for a retro look. And, if you’re looking for a lime green desktop wallpaper check out the kiwi wallpaper that I’m currently sporting. For more color inspiration check out Color Emphasis.



  1. Stacey

    That little portable grill is too darn cute! That might make ME want to grill. (instead of my husband) I’m totally loving green right now and these are all fab. Good choices. I’m definitely adding some green in my bedroom project.

    • bedsidesign

      I know, we are looking for a new portable grill and I’m so tempted to get this! I’m glad you enjoyed it and I can’t wait to see how you incorporate it into your bedroom project!

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