Instagram: Week 3:Valencia Filter

instagram weekly roundup

This week I decided to take all my instagram pictures using the same filter. It was interesting seeing how all the pictures look cohesive so I think I’m going to continue doing so. What’s your favorite instagram filter? If you have instagram let me know – I would love to see your inspiration, and you can follow me at: bedsidesign

There were some really great things that happened this week. First – we got our new iMac! Ah, yes as we speak I am sitting in front of it and loving it. It’s great that my husband works at a fruit stand [read between the lines *wink*]. I found those striped candles at Target for a friend’s surprise party. My grandmother’s [now vintage] bowls came in handy while cooking this week, plus the colors made everything look happy!  Oh, and it’s totally SUMMER here in Syracuse.  I also bought some adorable little pots from JoAnn’s on clearance – yes all 3 pots were under $3! I then filled them up with adorable succulents, sigh, my favorite.  I’m starting to make progress as far as decorating the apartment and we got new couches [more to come on those soon].

Have a great Sunday!



  1. Stacey

    Love that you used the same filter and got great and interesting results with each picture. I have to say I’m having fun with this little app. Thanks for following… I love all your pix. OH, and congrats on that gorgeous new iMac. Mine’s about 5 years old but it still feels like I just bought it yesterday. LOVE IT!

    • bedsidesign

      Yeah I thought it was really interesting to see how each picture looked unique although using the same filter. I’m gonna try out a new filter each week. It also makes it a lot easier to group since they all have the same borders. I’m so glad you joined! And thanks for the congratulations, we were waiting for a while and we are so happy that the time finally came. There’s nothing quite like it, total powerhorse.

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