ELF Cosmetics – Worth Every Penny!

Okay – I’m sold. I recently found out about e.l.f. cosmetics. I’ve been shocked by the quality of the products and how insanely affordable they are. I made a decision and put all my eggs in one basket by ordering all my cosmetics through their site. Behold:

budget cosmetics elf

Incase you can’t see how many things I ordered here’s a quick overview:

1 SUNKISSED FREE 10-Piece Sunkissed Summer Set!
1 1705 Eye Lash Curler
1 1807 Brow Comb + Brush
1 1805 Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush
1 1605 Cuticle Pen
1 1306 Clarifying Pressed Powder Light Beige Light Beige
1 6006 Foundation Light Beige
1 83112 Tinted Moisturizer Sand
1 91575 Nail Polish Set
1 33042 Eyebrow Collection
1 51252 Sunkissed Summer

Grand total was under $30 with tax and shipping. How insane is that? I can honestly say that their makeup is great and I didn’t break the bank. If you are looking for makeup I would totally suggest trying them out.



  1. Naomi

    Great haul, I love e.l.f. – their make up is very good quality for the price. Have you tried their cream eyeliner? It’s fantastic!

    Naomi x

    • bedsidesign

      Yes! The first place I found them was at Target and I was shocked by the prices. I ordered online because they had the nail polish set on clearance and a few items that weren’t at the stores near me. Plus they were running a special with a summer beauty kit so it was worth it! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. atreegrowsinbklyn

    I’ve been a fan of elf for a while. My fav’s are the bronzer, nail polish, and cuticle pen. For best bang for your buck skin care check out Paula’s Choice products found on-line.

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