SyracUSE the city of design!

Syracuse comes alive in the spring and summer. It’s one of the many reasons why I love living in Central NY. It’s not often that you see a city-wide re-branding but that’s exactly what we are experiencing! The brand features the Ohm font, bright red pops of color and the significant emphasis of “USE”. The intelligent use of design and typography are really innovative.

syracuse connective corridor

The Connective Corridor is emerging as a signature strip of cutting-edge cultural development connecting the University Hill with downtown Syracuse.

The city of Syracuse is home to three major universities, more than 30 art and cultural venues, and shopping centers all within close distance to one another.  In the coming months and years, nodes of the Connective Corridor will be stitched together and showcased with new urban landscapes, bike paths, imaginative lighting, public and interactive art, signage, and way finding systems.

New parks are opening, construction is happening all around and more eye-catching design is making its way throughout the city. This really excites me. I believe Syracuse has so much potential and seeing people invest into this city just makes me anticipate what it will look like in a couple of years!

Yesterday Forman Park was reopened. With a new sign, custom designed benches and a gorgeous fountain I will certainly spend some time relaxing here.

We stayed in the Parkview Hotel for our anniversary this year (well December 2011). It really was a chic downtown hotel and Forman Park is right across the street. Here’s a picture of those custom benches and fountain that I mention with the swanky hotel as the backdrop.

forman park downtown syracuse

[Photos courtesy of Connective Corridor]

From painted bridges to signs, buses, and city-wide development Syracuse is a great place to live, work, and be inspired. I think this print by Judy Kaufman sums it up for me.

i love my city


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