Somebody That I Used To Know

Music is a really big part of my life. I’ve played piano since I was 5 years old. I attended school for music before I met Ian and was a piano/singer major at the time. I’m constantly listening to music and trying to find out new musicians to listen to. In high school I focused on art but was always inspired by music. It seems like I’ve always battled whether to be a musician or and artist, acting like those two were separate and I had to choose one over the other. Now I see how silly that is. I admit, I’m pursuing art and design more these days but I haven’t walked away from my keyboard. Recently I was inspired by Gotye both musically and artistically – if you have not listened to him I highly suggest that you do. Check out how he mixes art and music in his video: Somebody That I Used to Know featuring Kimbra.



  1. Stacey@aGh

    This is great! What is art? Oh goodness… you could start a whole new blog on that one, couldn’t you? It’s all you mentioned and so much more… down to the very way you live your life. It’s great that you enjoy music so much and have studied. I can’t really think of a time in my day where there isn’t music on. It’s very much a part of my life, as well. Enjoyed the post and the thoughts it provoked.

  2. bedsidesign

    Thanks for the encouragement Stacey! Yeah I’m sure there will be much more posts like this. I’m hoping to make Thursdays about sharing some musical inspiration. What type of music are you inspired by?

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