It’s okay if you don’t have a Green Thumb!

I’m a huge fan of plants but I didn’t inherit a green thumb. If I could have plants all over our apartment I really would, but the shelf life wouldn’t be too long. That’s why:

succulent roundup

[from left to right: floral verde | pigeon toe ceramics | garden designs | design*sponge / farrah sit ceramics | ship & shape | say yes to hoboken]

They are pretty much indestructible (except if you purchase them in the winter and don’t put them in sunlight…okay I learned my lesson!) so they are pretty much the perfect low maintenance plants out there. [Just like our low maintenance pet.] Once we are done moving I am planning on making a terrarium like this one! What do you think?



  1. Stacey@aGh

    This is such a lovely group of pictures you chose. I admit, I LOVE THEM too. They never disappoint me and grow even when I neglect them. I actually bought some of the bakeable clay to try making one of those little house planters on the bottom right. (Claire at fellow fellow is so talented!) I hope it turns out as good. Fun post!

    • bedsidesign

      Oh that’s wonderful! The little clay pots are adorable, you should totally try to make them! Let me know how it goes, I think I would like to try too!

      • Stacey@aGh

        I definitely will. I’ve never used the bakeable clay so I’m wanting to give it a try… and maybe make some beads too! FUN.
        Thanks for following… I’ll happily do the same!!!!

  2. bedsidesign

    Thanks! Love your blog. I am a huge mid-century modern fan so I will be happily following your blog! Your house is great! I’ve only made bakeable clay beads but they totally lasted.

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