Workstation Lust: Office Space

I love a good office set up. After sitting at a desk all day at work I feel like the home office should be comfortable, inspiring, and should suit your needs. Having a designated, and clean space will help productivity and your creativity. Here are some of my favorite home office spaces (yes I love that movie..uhm…my…stapler). I am going to try and create a hybrid of all of these in our new apartment. Let the eye candy begin…

[I love that white is primarily used here. I love inspiration boards and the practical storage options. No storage in an office = clutter and mess. Also adding some greenery will help with the air and your overall mood. Featured on Design*Sponge.]

modern office

[Don’t worry about a glare, position your desk near natural light. It will make you feel less trapped. Also, try to narrow down the objects on your desk. Featured on Baubau Haus.]

modern office

[Make it personal. If you think it will work for you – go for it! Featured on Blissful Blog.]

modern office

[Stick to the basics. If you don’t need a lot, don’t add it just to fill the space. There’s nothing like a relatively empty desk. Objects become noise, so if you want to concentrate keep the surfaces empty. Featured on Apartment Therapy.]

modern office

[Don’t be afraid of small pops of color. Come up with a sorting system for your papers and materials. Featured on Happy Interiors.]

modern office

[Make space – carve out a space in your apartment or house for your office. Declare that your creativity spot. Featured on CWB Architects.]

modern office

What does your home office look like?


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