Out with the old – All about the Bodum.

A couple months ago one of our mugs broke. It was one of four so now we were left with only three matching mugs (in that size, because as you may find out mugs come in all shapes and sizes). We are trying to go through all of our possessions to make sure that we love everything that we have. We are big fans of Bodum products. We discovered their glass double walled coffee cups on a date once a couple years back. Since then we began collecting Bodum things (my espresso cup featured in this post is from Bodum).

We recently discovered that Home Goods carries Bodum products. Last night we hit the jackpot.

bodum coffee mugs

If you can’t see the price – they were on clearance for $4.00. We also hit up Target and picked up some awesome orange bowls (are they bowls if they are square?) for condiments and dips ($1.99). All in all for just over $10 we came away with all this loot.

bodum coffee cups

Did you recently make a score at a store? I would love to hear about it!


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