Kitchen Tools

I have come to find that just when I get something for my kitchen, new measuring cups, spatulas, lemon squeezer, get the point, there is still always something that I still need. I want to take inventory of what I have so I know what I need. I love Crate & Barrel‘s round up of top tools. With everything displayed artistically I can already spot out the #1 item on my want list (cough garlic press cough).

Your kitchen should be a place that you enjoy and want to spend time in (or at least don’t mind being when you are cooking). If you are renting and don’t have a way to change the overall look of the kitchen you can make it yours with a few little touches. Don’t be afraid to introduce some color. Check out this colorful round-up of kitchen tools on Apartment Therapy‘s Kitchn.  I think bursts of  color are great. I have colorful spatulas, spoons, and canisters. You can really add some personality with kitchen tools.

Do you like color in your kitchen? What is your favorite kitchen gadget and where did you get it from?



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