Is there one thing?

Is there one thing that you just love? It could be a color, food, place, thing – you get the point. Over the next few weeks I would like to highlight my favorite “thing”. Today is my favorite (non-alcoholic) drink. Drumroll please….coffee! Yeah, some of you may have already figured that out, but it is true, I love coffee. Thankfully my husband has a love for making coffee, thus our two worlds collide – I love to consume, he loves to make = match made in heaven.

He previously worked as a barista and grew a passion for the different techniques in how to brew coffee- from pour over to chemex, to pulling shots of espresso. A very close friend of ours has a passion for roasting coffee. Yes, I would say that I’m lucky to be surrounded by these two. (More to come on my coffee roasting friend soon!)

Over the years I have tried to cut down on the sugar that I add, or the cream that I think I need in my coffee. I nailed down sugarless coffee a few years ago, but my crutch was/is half & half. We were at my brother’s sweet downtown apartment last Sunday and he made us french press with our friends tasty Guatemala beans. We soon discovered that he had no milk or half & half. I was faced with a challenge – black coffee. Maybe it was the fact that it was in a hip, white mug. Maybe, but I drank the whole cup! Since then I have craved a black cup of coffee, and branched out to espresso – hold the cream.

bodum black espresso

It also helps that we found these slick Bodum ceramic espresso cups. We bought 2 – one black (shown above) and one white (yet to make it’s debut). Here is a picture of me drinking straight espresso – let’s just say I was pretty happy!

bodum espresso

I also love all the gadgets that come with brewing coffee. You can go totally minimal to elaborate and fancy. The design always draws me in.

What’s your favorite (non-alcoholic) drink?



  1. joelbarnett1025

    I made the switch to only black coffee about 6 months ago and haven’t looked back. I discovered a new reason for drinking coffee. It was no longer about convenience or relevancy of coolness, but for the actual taste and artistic process that goes along with it.

    Personally, my favorite is half tea/half lemonade aka Arnold Palmers. I cut back (greatly) on drinking the Arizona version because of the sucralose, but there is nothing better than a perfect blend of a homemade replica!

  2. bedsidesign

    Mmm yeah I really just wanted to simplify and be able to drink straight coffee. Arnold Palmers are great, especially on a hot summer day (or warm winter day- kinda like lately!)

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